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Ask Rochelle

by Rochelle Sparrow

Dear Stars:
I was fired from my job at the end of March, I was doing a great job, but got fired because after three months of good work, I was told, that if I did not sign up for their horrible medical benefits, I would be terminated.  I said NO and by the end of the day I was told to get out of the office.  I became very depressed and have not worked since then.  I want to know about jobs in what fied there is where I can be of service. 
Love and Blessings, Linda

Dear Linda: 
I am sorry you are feeling depressed, however, difficult events such as yours often bring into people's lives what they truly want.  Perhaps that is what you were asking for.  Let's see what the guides state:

You are correct to move ahead and know that the position you were in was not in alignment with your the two prevailing energies foremost within you:  spirituality and music.  We suggest you begin to honor the artistic side of your being and look for positions (got administrative or secretarial energy) at radio stations in your area.  (I am also getting studio energy).  There are religious radio stations that are moving toward more spiritually based programming that we see your involvement within.  We see your being becoming more inclined to provide services of organization to an existing spiritual community.  (Got church energy and holistic energy.)  We suggest you may want to look around already existing structures that are spiritual in nature and consider providing your talents and abilities. 
Blessings, Stars

Hi Stars,
I really enjoyed the psychic development class the other night and plan on continuing them, thanks! I have a question for Ask Rochelle and it is: Who am I? Am I a star person, and what does this mean exactly?  Have I spent the majority of my lives in other places besides earth?

Dear Kim:
Thank you, I am glad you are enjoying the class and are plan on continuing, it is important for people to develop their abilities! Now as for your question.    You are incorrect to assume you are anything but a star seed.  Of course, many of you are being placed upon the planet at this juncture  in order to facillitate the transition into awareness of life behind the veil.  You know (meaning the energy of knowing) that you must conduct a serious inquiry into your own particular purpose.  Of course, you already understand that you are being observed by your
ancestors who want you to begin a series of actions for the good of humanity.  The answer to your quest lies in the development of your talents.  You tend to observe others with wariness and feeling as though you are less than because now is the time to move forward and recognize that your talents are within your writing.  (feels like magical realism) You of course, know that you have access to the other realms (and dimensions) within the universe.  What we suggest is is for you to begin an inquiry into what holds you back from recognizing your Source given talents.  You have to begin the work of inquiry in order to overcome the blocks.  Answer the question, what holds you back. Within the answer is this truth.  The thing that gets in the way is not of or from you.  When you recognize the boundary or division, you can assist yourself to come out of hiding.
Blessings, Stars

I wanted to know what my life purpose is, why am I here in this lifetime.

Hi Teresa,
Thank you for connecting with me!  Remember the guides take a look at how you are creating  your world through the energy inside of you. The guides say: 
Your life (getting jumbled energy) is upside down in  that now is the time to settle in on looking inside of you for your  interests and your value (it is not within, feels like, relationships  with men) but is in your worth inside of your realtionship with you.   We see you as very strong in love towards  yourself.  In other words the search for love and strength reside  within you.  Your purpose is to know more about yourself in this lifetime.  It  is to change (feels like dependent energy or leaning upon another)  into knowing which parts of yourself to value most for you to lean  upon.  You have talents (got the sense of upbeat girlish mannerisms  and speaking... communication talents) that is flamboyant, strong and  persuasive got journalism energy, tv) in that your communication  skills can be utilized to capture an audience. 
Your strength is to  know that you can succeed (follow that belief, repeat it until you  beleive it, until you feel it
inside of you) because the truth is is  that people are here (on earth) to utilize and bring forth their natural
talents  and yours is communication.
Blessings, Stars

Please send questions to:

Rochelle Sparrow, Psychic Trance Channel
PO Box 7573
Phoenix, AZ  85011-7573

Rochelle Sparrow, Psychic Trance Channel, MSW,   Author, Media Personality and Radio Host of the Rochelle Sparrow Connection >www.burlingtonnews.net Now on shirleymaclaine.com  For sessions by phone or in person:  www.rochellesparrow.com or 602.430.6447

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