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Kundalini Fragmentation

by Chrism

Often though not always Kundalini activation will be accompanied by an intense fragmenting of the current life experience. This can increase exponentially as the process continues. If resisted it can become quite challenging and very hurtful. In these areas it is most important to understand what is happening.

We can be greatly aided by an understanding of what is occurring and why. If this knowledge isn't available we may begin to identify with an extreme downward spiral of events. These events can change our very existence. Kundalini will clean us up whether we like it or not and it will arrange for a complete makeover of the life of a person towards its agenda of divine transformation. If one isn't aware of what is happening it can put them right out into and upon the street - destitute and out of options. Survival becomes the main concern.

This happened to me.

I would not choose this for you my fellow traveler and so I give to you what information I may give. I will suggest that you start with the identification of your expectations and goals in life. Within that framework see if you can identify aspects of your attachments to these qualities that resonate with the loving forgiveness of those who may have caused you pain. Repeatedly forgive everyone with gusto!

Start with forgiveness as it can ease open a commonly closed heart center that the ego of a person may harbor ideas and issues of revenge. As these blockages are released an infusion of more energy opens the heart and allows for the next stage of blessings to be received.

These life fragmentations are rarely easy and simple. They strike us deep to our core as we are changed from what we have striven for our entire life. We are left spinning in our body(s) not knowing which way to turn as our confidence in our personal validation is removed and we do not know where to go. We lose our direction.

Turn your expression toward love and surrender to this divine force within. This can save you years if not decades of refinement by opening to these strong levels of refinement through knowledge and the invitation for this that the Kundalini grants us. Your life will be much gentler for this choice. You can choose to go with this flow or try to fight it with ever increasing levels of desperation. A wise person will move with this river of energy and not resist its strength but rather make that strength their own!

Embrace this transformation and allow yourself to be changed. Fragmentation is happening for this very purpose. As we are crumbled into the dust of what we once were so are we risen into that which we are becoming! The old will give way to the new and even then will our expressive dimensions expand to hold that which was and that which is at the same time. We will become conscious multidimensional humanity.

Great is this gift but only for those who choose to receive will they be able to stand amidst their own ruin to grasp it. The cocoon must be shattered for the butterfly to be freed. We are that graceful Kundalini pilot. Let us take that lesson into ourselves when and if this aspect of the Kundalini awakening comes to call upon our life. It will go much better for those who flow with this Kundalini inner volcano rather than resisting the lava that is unstoppable.

If you are in the middle of this right now it isn't too late to make your adjustment. Go within and begin to open to this flow. Your fears may have taken a stronghold within you and your ego will respond readily to these apparitions of danger or desire or want of gain and fear of loss. Calm down and bring yourself the realization of the change that is occurring and embrace this change even if it goes against what you have struggle towards your whole life!

Your life is moving into a greater expression and know this and be calmed and strengthened by this. I know how this feels and I am very familiar with the cold hand of fear as my ideas of success and gain were ripped from my body(s). I too struggled and resisted and cursed this greatness within. My ego was adamant in having its own way all the way and all the time and my torment lasted for over a decade because of this. Yours does not have too.

Trust that the inner divine is working from a blueprint that at first you can only trust is in place. You cannot see it or manipulate it and surrender to it at the same time. This is part of the test. We must have faith in the development we are experiencing and for faith to develop we cannot know the answers but must instead trust that there is this relationship of grace within us building us anew from within.

Trust isn't always easy but it is essential and I will counsel you to constantly reaffirm your expression of trust within the fragmentation.

Soon enough your new life will appear to you, first in small ways but then in greater complexity and expression. This will be the new path for you to follow within your Kundalini. It may not be radically different than your old life in appearances and yet it may be completely different. This will be a measure of karma and what we as individuals bring into our Kundalini through surrender.

Let it come my dear traveler. Yes it can be frightening but hold fast! It is alright and so will you be as long as you trust in the love of the inner divine, the Kundalini divine! Surrender into the arms of grace and let the tests be met with devotion and openness. Do not resist! Walk with confidence into your sweet new sunrise. From the ashes of destruction to the living enlightenment of love upon this world will you become a human radiance of grace. - blessings to you traveler!

www.KundaliniAwakeningSystems1.com © chrism 2012

More articles on Kundalini Awakening are published on the WISDOM ezine.
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