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Ask Your Pet

by Jennifer Dickman

Dear Jennifer,

My dog, Bailey, was just diagnosed with a cancerous lump. We caught it early, and he should be able to recover with surgery. Would you please ask him if he realizes he has cancer? Let him know that he has surgery next week, and that I love him deeply and will do everything in my power to get him well again. Ask him how his spirit and well being is, if he’s in good spirits, if he wants to live. Jennifer, I read that some animals manifest their own dis-ease. I want to make sure this is not the case with Bailey. My other dog demands more attention and sometimes Bailey may feel left out. Please ask him if there is anything he wants to tell me.

Thank you,


Dear Ailene,

Bailey said that he knows that he has cancer, but only because you’ve been talking and thinking about it. Before that he just knew there was something not right and he wasn’t feeling well. He feels like the cancer started out as something benign, but then turned into cancer. Bailey said that he is getting on in years. He wishes the surgery could make him feel young and energetic again, but he realizes it won’t fix everything. He feels like he’s getting winded more easily than he used to and is lacking in energy. He’s somewhat depressed about this.

Bailey wants you to know that he did not make himself sick and would never do that to you. Regarding your other dog getting more attention, Bailey said to tell you that he’s "made of stronger stuff than that" and wouldn’t make himself sick to get attention. He wants you to know that he’s happy to have the surgery and stay with you longer, but he’s also not feeling well in general, and would understand if you chose to help him cross over instead of going ahead with the surgery. He just doesn’t want to have untreated cancer that spreads, so he would want that to happen soon. But, he does understand you’re planning to do the surgery next week.

Bailey isn’t saying that he wants to cross over right now. He just doesn’t want to be a burden and is pretty depressed about his lack of energy. The "Senior Citizen" and "Immune Support" formulas available at www.GreenHopeEssences.com may help uplift Bailey’s emotional and physical well-being. Bailey wants you to know that he loves you and appreciates how well you take care of him. But, he also wants you to understand that he doesn’t feel like himself and is depressed about it. He wants to feel young and energetic again. He feels like he’s in a bit of a mental funk he can’t get out of right now, and he is hoping that you can help him. I’d highly recommend trying the flower essence formulas. Some additional support with Reiki may be very helpful, as well.

Sending you and Bailey healing thoughts and energy,

Jennifer Dickman

Jennifer Dickman is an Animal Communicator, Pet Reiki Specialist, Reiki Master-Teacher, and Intuitive Counselor. She is available for phone sessions worldwide. Jennifer can be reached at 215.817.0833 or Jennifer_Dickman@ymail.com.  To receive a free copy of Jennifer’s "Five Things Your Dog or Cat Wants You to Know" please subscribe to her newsletter by emailing her with the subject line "newsletter request". More information is available on Jennifer’s web site: www.JenniferDickman.com.

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