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Astrological Forecast for November 2007

by Mark Dodich

Do you enjoy a roller coaster ride? If so, you are going to enjoy the month ahead. If not, then consider some of the tips that follow to smooth out this month’s emotional hills and valleys.

November begins with the end of last month's Mercury retrograde cycle. Give yourself extra time on the 1st, especially if you are in traffic, and life will flow more easily. Now that this communications and scheduling breakdown cycle is moving forward, you can take active steps to achieve greater balance in your life.

Early November is a good time to get organized. This is a diplomatic way of saying that energies get complicated at the middle of the month. You receive help in creating greater efficiencies in your life on the weekend of the 3rd-4th when the Moon is in Virgo. Combine work and play this weekend for the best of both worlds.

Election Day, Nov. 6th holds minor complications that provide political analysts plenty to talk about. On a personal level, avoid being overly critical of people whose values are not in harmony with your philosophy.

Wednesday the 7th is much more playful if you are able to take a midweek break. If you are open to romance and/or beautifying your surroundings, then Nov. 8-Dec. 5 supports you while relationship-oriented Venus travels through graceful Libra.

This social Venus energy begins just before the New Moon in Scorpio on the 9th. This combination is like a velvet-covered hammer; Venus urges diplomacy and Scorpio pulls no punches. Lessons in the weeks ahead include speaking your truth without hurting feelings.

Spend private time with loved ones on Friday, and then go out on a playful adventure on the 10th-11th when the moon is in rowdy Sagittarius.

Overall, the week of the 12th is pleasant while providing opportunities to concentrate on the tasks at hand. Research deep topics or focus on duties that need to occur before the Thanksgiving holiday. The one ‘monkey wrench in the works’ begins on Thursday the 15th when warrior Mars turns retrograde in the emotional sign of Cancer.

The illusion that a planet is moving backwards in the sky represents the need to review and revise the energies of that planet. Mars is associated with ambition, assertiveness, war, athletics, aches & pains, and the ability to go after the object of your desires. Cancer is the ruler of nurturing, food, emotions, women, families, and the disease Cancer.

The November 15-January 30th re-visioning cycle makes certain that your actions and emotions are in alignment. This can bring up old relationship issues, be they in areas of family, romance, or work. Look to the deeper source of any anger that rises to the surface rather than sending the blame outwards. Allow extra room between yourself and any people who are angry or emotionally out of balance.

The weekend of the 16-18th is a mixed bag of energy with Friday being the best day to spend with friends. Saturday evening and Sunday supports quiet movies, meditation, and gentle romance.

The days leading up to Thanksgiving are rushed due to an impatient Aries Moon. It would be best to give yourself extra time in travel or grocery store lines.

The Sun moves into "I love a party" Sagittarius and the Moon enters pleasure-loving Taurus on Thanksgiving morning. This combination is a classic eat-too-much holiday.

Shop early on Friday the 23rd because the Moon goes into its void-of-course phase at 10:53 AM PST. This quiet phase of the Moon is introspective, so important purchases tend to be slightly off (wrong size, not quite the color you thought, etc.). Save receipts if you must shop.

The Full Moon in multi-tasking Gemini on Saturday the 24th keeps you on the move. Make a list to avoid spacing out something important.

The final week of the month calms down considerably. Nurture yourself in gentle ways early in the week of the 26th. Friday the 30th mixes work and play.

Several significant shifts are up in December including sensitive spiritual destiny points moving into Aquarius and Leo. The time is coming to open your heart to larger segments of humanity. Expansive Jupiter also moves into foundation-building Capricorn for the year ahead. Check back for details.

Mark Dodich has been a professional astrologer and intui-tive consultant since 1980. He is a Certified Astrological Profess-ional (CAP) with an international practice based in the Pacific NW. He specializes in Relocation Astrology and Seven Ray Soul Purpose Astrology. Mark is leading a sacred tour to Egypt in 2008 to tap into the energies as Pluto enters Capricorn through 2024. Check out his web site for free .pdf astrology primer at www.astromark.us. Or call for his free ASTROMARK newsletter at 503-252-1558.




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