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Opening the Gateway Within

Mary Magdalena through Virginia Ellen

by Virginia Ellen

We are gathered together in the name of Love, in the name of God, in the name of Truth, and we are the Divine Feminine Force of Life, the creative force of all that is, and we are indeed healing the world.

It is the Divine Feminine that will lead humanity into the Love and the Light of God and that is your love, your compassion and your understanding. We will work with the understanding; the compassion of love, for love has many elements. You must understand yourself first; understand why you think the way you think. Begin to explore why you do what you do, and then have compassion for the self that is thinking the thoughts and doing whatever it is doing. In this way you will heal and evolve. Have compassion for yourself and love yourself dearly. Love yourself even when you make a mistake, even when you go off your diet, even when you procrastinate.

You must understand yourself, understand that you are evolving and that you are doing the very best you can. That is all you ever need to do. Be kind to you, be gentle with yourself in your evolution and cease the judgment, cease self-disappointment, cease self-criticism and even self-hate for you are indeed a Blessed and Holy Essence of God and there is nothing about you that is less than perfection. All of you is God even the parts that you think fail - they are God also.

Your anger is divine anger, because it is the divine in you that is angry, all of you is divine. Each emotion is a divine part of you. All of the darkness on the planet is part of God, because humanity as God created it.

You created all of your problems as God, and you will create all of your solutions as God. You must understand that you are the Incarnate God walking on earth, and if you can have compassion for the self that didn't understand who it was, so it created from a lack of love, a lack of understanding, a lack of Truth.

Nothing about you is judged, nothing about you is wrong, nothing about you is bad.

You are precious hearts and precious souls, and you must begin to realize the Truth of who you are, so that you can fully serve humanity and All That Is.

Your Love of Self is the completion of the Circle of Love, and the Circle of Love is the Circle of Life, for it is a symbol of unity and oneness, and all things rotate in this circle - your chakras are rotating in a circle, your cells rotate in circles, and when the circle is broken, then there is disorder, and disease.

In relationships - when the circle is broken - there is also disharmony. Return to the Circle of Love, for that is the source of completion, wholeness, unity and oneness. The circle is in you and it has been broken by your own thoughts, behaviors and your own feelings.

You Sweet Ones have the power to return life on earth to oneness, unity; these are qualities of the Golden Light of the Fifth Dimension.

Mary Magdalena

Virginia Ellen is a modern day mystic and a bearer of Jesus’ original message. She had a near death experience where she came face-to-face with her teacher, Jesus. In this transformational experience, Virginia was infused with the wisdom and energy to Activate the Sacred Seals (the light in humanity). She now transmits this sacred energy to others bringing God to life in every cell of the body while Activating their Sacred Seals.

Virginia Ellen http://reprogrammingtheunconsciousmind.com

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