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Our High-Tech World...

And the High Cost to Our Well-Being

by Phyllis Light

Life today is vastly different from life only a generation ago. The changes that have taken place bring overwhelming challenges that none of us have ever had to face. Technology has taken over many aspects of modern life, which we have come to accept as normal.

We can call home on our cell phone, from just about anywhere we go. We can send an email with the click of a button, and stay in touch with our family and friends far away. We can pop dinner in the microwave and in 3 to 6 minutes, sit down and eat a full course meal. We can use a remote control and change channels on the TV, open our garage door, and change songs on our stereo, CD, or MP3 player. We can sit in front of our computer and pay our bills—no need for stamps, envelopes, or a trip to the post office. Technology helps us in countless ways; yet, most people are totally unaware of the high cost to our health and well-being.

What happens to our bodies when we sit in front of our computer all day, or talk on our cell phone all night? What is happening to us daily, as we are exposed to the ever-increasing number of TV, radio, cell phone, satellite, and microwave frequencies in today’s world? Most people have no clue.

Every human being lives within a physical body, which itself, is surrounded by its own natural energy field. This energy field is actually the "blueprint" for the physical, determining the ultimate health and well-being of our physical body. Thus, keeping the human energy field intact is imperative to good physical health. A good clairvoyant can actually spot a problem developing in the subtle energy field before it manifests into the physical realm! All health problems happen first in the subtle energy field, and then, in turn, manifest physically.

So, how do the energies and frequencies of our high-tech world impact our subtle energy field, the blueprint for the physical body? First, all electric, electronic, and battery-powered devices—the very devices we depend upon on a daily basis—produce electromagnetic fields, called EMFs. The problem is that EMFs are disruptive to our body’s own natural energy field. When the electromagnetic energies, coupled with all the frequencies from TVs, microwaves, satellites, cell phones, and wireless internet hit the human energy field, they disrupt it, damage it, and interfere with its normal functioning. These disruptive energies eventually take a toll on the physical body. We get headaches, feel tired, and often develop immune system disorders.

As the body begins to break down from the overload of disruptive frequencies, the immune system is frequently the first to dysfunction, since it is has to overwork to accomplish the nearly impossible task of protecting the body. Many of the immune system disorders today (allergies, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, candida, asthma, cancer, Alzheimer’s, fibromyalgia & other inflammatory illnesses) are created or exacerbated by living in the overwhelming "electronic soup" in which we all find ourselves.

According to the late Dr. George Yao, scientist and expert on EMFs: "The typical American gets electromagnetic radiation up to 200 million times more intense than his ancestors took in from the Sun, stars and other natural sources." Never before in history, has the human body been so challenged in its attempt to create good health!

So when we sit in an office building all day, surrounded by electrical and electronic equipment and under florescent lights, it’s no wonder we often feel drained by the end of the day. Even at home we cannot escape the draining "electronic soup." Because our houses are totally wired for electricity, we live inside one huge electromagnetic field all the time. In addition, our homes are now filled with the frequencies of our high-tech world. People spend much of their evenings on their computers—reading email or surfing the net, watching TV (the new digital frequencies are much harder on the brain and body than the old analog frequencies), listening to satellite radio, or chatting with friends on their cell phones. It’s a wonder that we have any energy left to be active and enjoy our lives.

Another problem with our high-tech world, at a deeper level, is how it impacts us negatively in the spiritual domain. We are all spiritual, energetic beings, and we all have a spiritual purpose to fulfill in life. As these negative frequencies and EMFs continue to bombard and weaken us, they make us lose energy and motivation, and make it more difficult to focus on our spiritual practices. It is harder to be a good and loving person, the way you were meant to be by nature, because you’re busy fighting off exhaustion, irritability, and stress.

Electromagnetic fields create actual fragmentations of our energy field in the area of the higher chakras (the energy centers that allow us to experience our spiritual nature). These fragmentations create sabotaging behaviors in us on a daily basis, as well as block the influx of spiritual energy through our crown chakra. Thus, EMFs not only have a detrimental effect on our physical bodies, but they can keep us stuck and limited, and hamper the development of our full spiritual potential.

Most people don’t even realize there is a problem. However, armed with this awareness of the potential hazards of life in our modern world, you can be more open to possible solutions—to ensure your own health and safety and that of your loved ones.

Phyllis Light, Ph.D. in Psychology, author, and expert in "Telepathic Healing." With 35 years of experience, Phyllis is a pioneer and expert on how modern technology impacts the physical and subtle bodies and how to overcome the problems we face. She has created "Rejuvenizers"—powerful devices designed to help protect people and repair damage from exposure to electromagnetic fields and other detrimental energies. For more information, call: 512-301-2999 or visit: www. lighthealing.com.

Light Healing

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