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Help for Addictions on the Spiritual Path

by Esme Seraifiel

Addiction to substances, sex, shopping or even gaming can be debilitating to your relationships, job security and bank account. The Angels and Ascended Masters are available to help you release the addiction and its control over your life. Peace and freedom are our given birthright. Having an addiction does not allow you to maintain power over your life.

This 3D reality is difficult to manage as we struggle with the illusion of separation from Source. When we are born, our memory of Who We Really Are is erased. As we grow, we wrestle with feelings of abandonment. Our ego takes control, replacing the connection with the Divine. Unfortunately, the ego reproduces fear and worry in multiple forms. Our parents, in many cases, are ill-equipped to help us reestablish our connection because they have not been able to fully embrace their own power. During our Earth Walk, we choose addictions instead of the discipline of maintaing our connection because it is immediately gratifying although fleeting.

Sensitive people actually have more of a tendency towards addictions. When we find to suffering around us to hard to bear, we run to our addiction. The lore of the addiction is a quick fix. It imitates joy and freedom. Your ego will chime in letting you know how this quickie will be worth it. It will erase the feeling of inadequacy in the face of sorrow and challenge.

Substances like nicotine, alcohol or illicit drug use is an obvious addiction but their is also sex, compulsive shopping and endless gaming. It is easier to see how substance abuse relieves the user of emotional stress. Stimulants elevate our brain’s processing speed, mimicking self-empowerment and control. Depressants numb our heart from intense feeling, momentarily freeing our conscious mind from churning the challenging situation around in our mind again and again. All we really ever want is to remember our connection to something bigger, something that will make sense of it all.

Addiction to sex is a lack of security and self-love, looking to find this through intimacy with others. People with low self-esteem will gravitate to searching for comfort in another’s embrace regardless of the actual soul connection. The ego makes excuses for the short comings in the relationship convincing us that the intimacy will suffice as a replacement for the Love of the Divine.

Compulsive shoppers seem to be more together, except for their extensive credit card debt. Shoppers are looking to fill a void by filling their homes or closets with stuff. This particular insecurity is generated by the ego because of feelings of inadequacy. “If I just have these shoes, I will be beautiful.” Your beauty is inherent in your very Presence and no amount of decoration will shine brighter than your belief in yourself as Divine. Nor will a big house or the newest model car, prove to the world your greatness. This can only come from within and then the searching outside yourself will subside and you will find peace.

Gamers are escaping into a reality they have more control of. The illusion of daily life is too hard to bear. The care and maintenance of this physical form is mundane and exceedingly repetitive. Our soul craves creativity. Gamers throw themselves into an alternate reality where they can be someone else successfully conquering the challenges of the world inside the game given endless chances to do it over without any consequences to “real” life.

I am an addictive personality. I have struggled with all manner of addictions. Some as simple as sugar. My revelation since working with my Divine Team has been that when I indulge in the addictive behavior, I am giving away my personal power to the addiction and not taking responsibility for my emotional response. Each and every time I reach for the addiction in lieu of an emotional response to stress, it has control over me. I was very disturbed by this revelation, but I began to take control. My work with the angels and Archangels, Mother Mary and many other Ascended Masters has lead me to find peace. I am no longer allowing the addictions to rule over me. That does not mean I live an austere life, but that I will recognize the desire for the addiction as a response to my sensitive nature.

I began to ask for help from God’s Divine Army, the angels. They are in service to us as decreed by Source to help as with the challenges of a life filled with Free Will. The challenges will never cease but our response can come under our control. When I realize I am on a sugar binge, I ask my angels to intervene and guide me to making better choices on a daily basis that will support optimal health for my body. The sugar and stimulant detoxification can produce awful headaches and emotional outbursts. I ask the angels to ease my transition. I will not incur any headaches but instead find time to nap or meditate to rejuvenate my energy. All the vitality we crave is in fostering our dialogue with our Helpers. Begin to ask for help from the Divine Army. It will help to keep you clear and focus your intent on your true purpose.

Esme Seraifiel is an Angel Therapist and Multi Dimensional Transformation Facilitator. Private sessions are available at angelwisdomnyc.com. Workshops are on-going: Check into meetup group Transform Your Life and Find Your Purpose http://www.meetup.com/444123/

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