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The Summer of 2013 in Astrology

by Raphael Simons

Summer solstice came on June 21 at 6:05 AM GMD. The Moon was at 27 degrees Scorpio, essentially void of course, but forming a wide square to Neptune at 5 degrees Pisces, and quincunx the Sun at 00 degrees Cancer saying that the summer quarter brings more confusion to the world's affairs that require adjustment.

The majority of planets at the solstice are in cardinal water, and we find a grand trine in water between the Sun, Saturn, and
Neptune giving the world a feeling of tremendous emotional expansiveness. It also brings lots of water, as in flooding and rain. Cardinal water shows much popular activity, such as uprisings and protests which are to be expected across the world through the summer, and especially toward the later part of the season.

The solstice came two days before the full moon on June 23, showing the emotional current at the solstice running high. And, because it is the solstice about which we are talking whose affects last through the entire summer quarter, this emotional current will run high through the entire summer up into the Fall equinox in September. Flooding will also occur in storms that are bound to come toward that time. On the personal level the great activity of water this summer will make relationships a lot more active. Those that are false will be dissolved, and those that are true will become deeper and more pleasurable.

There are three new moons in the summer quarter, the first on July 8, the second on August 6, and the third on September 5. The new moons of August 6 and September 5 interact with the summer solstice chart significantly. The new moon of August 6 occurs exactly square the summer solstice north lunar node at 14 degrees Scorpio. This shows that in August economic challenges will increase in the world. The new moon of September 5 occurs square the summer solstice Mars; and Jupiter at that time will be exactly trine the summer solstice north node, showing increasing economic tension and popular outrage across the world.

Significant transits this summer include Jupiter entering Cancer, the sign of his exaltation, on June 26, allowing for even greater expansion of the emotional current in the world. Jupiter in Cancer can bring tremendous good fortune for those in tune with his vibrations, especially those who have natal Jupiter in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). When Jupiter is in opposition with Pluto in Capricorn and square Uranus in Aries in August there will be some violent repercussions in the world.

Saturn will turn direct at 4 degrees Scorpio at the new moon on July 8. This may very well time the death of a world figure, perhaps Mandela. And it will bring a turning point in the market. Saturn turns direct trine Jupiter at the new moon, bringing a more upbeat developments in the market in July.

Raphael Simons is an internationally recognized expert in western and Chinese astrology. Residing in NYC, Raphael is available for private astrological consultations on matters personal and professional. For more information, and to contact Raphael visit www.raphaelsimons.com or www.trs-fengshui.com.

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