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Excerpt from "Contagious Optimism"

Taking Something on Way Above Me

by David Mezzapelle

Kim Solomito

“It’s not getting what you want. It’s wanting what

you got.” —Sheryl Crow

I never believed that what we saw was all there is. There is another dimension that we, as humans, can’t describe, understand, or relate to. For the scientific types, it doesn’t exist because it defies the laws of physics and the universe as they know it. Even the philosophy of metaphysics can only attempt to explain

the fundamental nature of “being” and the “world,” but only on a plane that humans can decipher. For many people, myself included, we have faith in that other dimension. That faith is really an inner strength that allows people to believe there is so much more and it also motivates us to do amazing things.

It allows us to be taught, allows us to learn, and allows us to build. It tells us that our mind, in conjunction with the universe, can do anything it wants as long as our faith and confidence is strong enough and not distracted from its mission—whatever the goal.

My first job was in a restaurant while I attended college. The boss was tough on me and only me. I performed, brought in the most money, had the largest number of repeat customers, and had never missed a day. When I asked him why he was so tough on me, he said that I have all the potential—not the others. He wanted me to apply that potential to my studies and observe my professional and personal growth. And so I

did! My passion and career focus was in horticulture and floral design. These were natural paths for me even though many people in my life thought they were way above me.

When I was twenty-six, I met a woman named Hollis who was on a metaphysical path of her own. She gave me a wonderful book, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, by Dan Millman. This book, along with many other forces in my life, drove me to excel even further at everything I did. I believe that you can recognize when something is right or wrong. Your inner self talks to you and tells you which path to take. It is up to you if you want to see and hear it. My inner self led me, with no doubt whatsoever, to the path I stayed on for more than twenty-five years and I could not be happier for it.

Rita, my mother, always said that she had no idea what I would be when I grew up, but she was certain that I would be happy. She felt that I had the ability to apply happiness and confidence to everything I touched. She also knew this ability would ensure my career, my relationships, and my hobbies.

Together with my wonderful husband Jon, we have built a successful floral business in the Hamptons in New York. We have wonderful friends, a terrific home, and what I consider the perfect life. It is not perfect in everyone’s eyes, but it is perfect for me. I smile every day for it and would not change a thing. I love my economy car and I love seeing mansions every day. Do I need a new car? Do I need a mansion on the ocean? Not at all.

My point to all of this? Anybody can do anything, anytime. A person can be talented or become talented. Either way it will happen if you let it. There is no reason for anyone to ever consider themself a failure. You need to know you have “it” in order to achieve “it.” Without that belief it just won’t happen. I took on many things “way above me” from starting a floral shop, to building that perfect centerpiece, to mastering yoga. Each one of those endeavors took study, practice, repetition, “homework,” perseverance, and persistence. It also took significant patience because some things come more naturally than others. But I achieved them all and have the scrapbooks and track records to look back on with pride. Even my reputation as the “wild flower lady” in the Hamptons was a term to describe the uniquely beautiful and innovative style of my work.

Contagious Action

Take on anything you want that is above you. Do it

with confidence in yourself, belief in the universe, and

your ability to succeed. It will happen.

Kim Solomito is married to Jon Malkmes. They have been business partners for twenty-five years as floral designers. Their business, Kim Jon Designs, is located in Water Mill, New York. Kim is also active in yoga and other wellness activities. www.kimjondesigns.com, kim@kimjondesigns.com

David Mezzapelle is the author of Contagious Optimism, an uplifting book series that contains real stories from people around the globe which demonstrates that every cloud has a silver lining. Mezzapelle was the founder of Goliath Technology, a global data center infrastructure company. Mezzapelle also orchestrated one of the most innovative internship programs ever created, a staple for organizations today. After selling Goliath, Mezzapelle launched several companies and philanthropic initiatives along with serving on various boards. Throughout his life, he has encountered great peaks and valleys all of which he is grateful for and has always kept his glass "completely full." Learn more at www.contagiousoptimism.com.

You can purchase this book here: http://amzn.to/19t5VEd

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