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“IF THEN”: EXTRA, Science News Flash…

by D.B Lichtstrahl

Come connect the human-identity-dots for a new consideration of “YOU” in “IF THEN”, a new monthly column.

I still can’t believe it. Last July 2012 the scientific-community at CERN (French for The European Organization for Nuclear Research) based near Geneva, Switzerland, announced that the Higgs boson had been found. A boson is an elementary particle, one that’s not made up of smaller particles, and this one was known as the “God particle” to some, (mostly because, as I understand it, it was “So G--damn hard to find”). Peter Higgs a British theoretical physicist led the charge beginning in the mid-1960’s, thus, the “Higgs” Boson’ “Higgs” for short.

When connecting-the-dots toward understanding clearly “who we are”, a finding such as the Higgs blows everything we previously believed about ourselves—specifically our physical-bodies—out of the water. Here’s my take…

IF, finding the Higgs boson means that an invisible (to the human eye) field exists that gives everything else mass (a resistance; how fast, or slow it moves), and can also then be understood, as an aspect of the cause of “something” to exist…

THEN, we humans are definitely not the “physically-separate”, singular entities we have understood ourselves as. Now that the Higgs boson is in the process of being confirmed, you might say we—specifically our (physical) bodies—are an aspect of “something” that relies on another aspect of “something”, such as a field, or particle, to give it mass, as does the rest of what’s here! A field of “nothing” causing everything to be “something”, my body, your body, the fly, the tree, water, etc., and, it was found, last July! Doesn’t that change everything about how we understand and know our physical bodies?!

It’s kind of like really “getting”, for the first time, that without microbes moving around doing their thing, we wouldn’t have beer or wine to drink. They “invisibly” cause something to exist.

In 2013 when we consider “who we think we are” (our bodies specifically), it’s now way more beneficial (and more accurate even?) to include in our understanding, the information of “invisible fields” believed to give us shape, weight and life, e.g.; Higgs boson, gravity, sentience/consciousness, Other?! Seems we—our bodies— could not exist as they do, if all those remarkable “invisible fields” did not exist as they do…talk about a connection to a whole-functioning-system! “You mean I’m never really physically ‘alone’?!”

To consider our “physical-common-ground-connection” to all that’s here, say our relationship to the Higgs, while being aware of the “non-physical” contents of our fantastically-unique “Minds” (“holding” all thoughts, ideas, beliefs, interpretations, etc.), should feel pretty darn good.

With news of the Higgs boson we can now upgrade our languages too. Words we’ve used to describe ourselves such as “isolated”, “divided” and “away from”, are now words that carry old meaning. Might we all benefit by dropping them from our dictionaries? Now, the only “away from” experience, is “Mind”-stimulated!

Considering and accepting the existence of the Higgs boson brings with it, quite a shift in considering and understanding human identity anew… So who do you think you are now?

“Follow me in hot pursuit of information and how it changes who we think we are...”D.B Lichtstrahl is a Human Identity Maverick, author, program facilitator and consultant. www.danalichtstrahl.com; info@danalichtstrahl.com aspects of this article are from, Are YouWatching? © 2012

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