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There is Much to be Done

by Alicja Bialasiewicz RN, ATP®

As We offer the energy of healing, connecting and of renewal, We guide you upon the next step of your life. There is much to be done in the silence and the presence of the Ever-present Mind of Love and Abundance. As We connect your heart energy to the Energy of All, We ask that you sit in daily allowance of receiving this gift.

Love is upon you now in all of its immeasurable beauty and your waiting is no more. Allow in your heart and your Being for this time of transition and sit quietly in daily guidance with the Energy of Creation.

As you allow your heart energy to open to the gift of healing, your world and the world of those around you will shift in immeasurable ways.

This is the point of your existence where all Beings of Creation are “speaking” to you and We humbly ask that you allow for the space of listening. Let go of the noise in your mind, sit in quiet solitude and connect to the Energy of your dreams. Allow your dreams to fully materialize into your current plane of existence. You already know the guidance of your heart. Allow the guidance of the universe to help you clearly hear such guidance, so your steps will be measured in the direction of your dreams. Allow for the un-foldment of your dreams. Let go of all that is bringing fear into your heart. Pray, speak to us, connect daily, listen for our guidance as you let go of your fear based in human chatter. We now ask that you bring the energy of the Crystal Love to amplify the dreaming of your heart.

As you sit in meditation spread a circle of crystals of your choosing or open your heart with pink quartz and still your mind with purple amethyst. Open your eyes with clear quarts and open your ears with tiger’s eye. Ground your energy with the love of obsidian and focus your mind with aquamarine angelite. Release fear with selenite and hematite. This is our guidance to you and your next step in Love.

As you follow each path of alignment only Love comes to you and only goodness presents on your pathway. The time is upon you when We ask that you trust your Higher Being of Light. Imagine a child holding a hand of Spirit;and to Us, you are that child barely awakening to your full gifts. You are here now, your path is no longer blocked, you are free to follow the guidance of your heart, the dreaming of your soul. First you must sit in total alignment with the Energy of your heart. How do you know if your heart is aligned with the Universal Energy of your God, the energy of Love? Your body knows, your body smiles, all obstacles are removed and bliss and joy is ever-present in your life. Your every step is like music in perfect harmony with the universe. And just like music, each step, each chord must be measured and carefully practiced and you must trust and have faith and practice each cord, each step and know and trust that eventually your music will be played in the most beautiful harmony. Always seek to play the music of your heart in perfect harmony with the music of your soul. Where there is discord and imbalance, seek to acknowledge the gift that it brings to you and as quickly as you can without any defeat of your spirit move forward on mastering the gifts that you and only you can bring into your world. Let go of thinking that you, just like everyone else, must struggle, must work hard, must suffer. Be willing to see the potentiality of another way. Maybe, just maybe your Spirit is whispering to you a new song for your existence. Are you willing to listen to this new song of possibilities? Are you willing to allow the Divine Mind to bestow upon you the gifts of healing you and your world?

This is the path of your choosing. Sit in quiet re-remembrance and allow your soul to re-connect with your heart and your Being. Re-connect with the Universal Energy of Love. Allow this re-remembering and bring it into your being, bring the many possibilities upon you now. Allow your gifts to unfold with daily connection to Us. We guide you upon the path of love and We will sit with you for the next 30 days of your time. We will sit among you and the Crystal Loves and We will speak to your heart. We will teach you of re-remembrance of your gifts, of re-remembrance of your life’s reason for being. We will speak to you. Will you listen and allow?

There is much love here for you. We are The White Brotherhood of Light. We are the Emissaries of The Beings of Light. We are You and You are Us. We bid you farewell in Love, as We must now go and leave you to re-connect with the Love that is guiding you. We send you Love, Our dearest child. Allow and let go of the fear within your heart. Our love is always with you. We help you release all energies of the ego. We sit with you in the presence of Love. We ask that you sit with Us for 30 days of your integration.

Alicja Bialasiewicz RN, ATP® has been an intuitive channel her whole life. She is an Angel Therapy Practitioner® having studied and completed her training with Doreen Virtue®. She has also trained in Native American Shamanism. In addition to her own business, Inner Light Healing, Alicja is a nurse at a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

We are never alone.


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