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The 11:11 Phenomenon

by Hilary Carter

I live a very unusual life. That’s because I live according to the appearance of numbers in my everyday world. In particular I live according to the number 11:11. Whenever the 11:11 appears I use it as a sign. I really do live my life in this somewhat bizarre and unconventional way! However, it is not a random and meaningless decision because my belief is that 11:11 is the sign of our Higher Self/Inner Divinity/God/One Consciousness or whatever term you choose to use. I believe that what we perceive as reality is in fact just a consciousness program. When the binary number 11:11 starts to appear in your everyday life it indicates that your de-programming has begun. Or it might be more accurate to say that your re-programming has started. You’re being re-programmed with Divine consciousness. Think about it. Computers are programmed by the binary system of numbers so if we are living within a consciousness program then it follows that we would be programmed with the binary system too.

Not only do I think that the number 11:11 appears in your everyday life to show you the way out of illusion but I also believe it to be a fast track route. Thats why I follow it. When 11:11 or 111 or 11 shows up its like a finger pointing the way to go. It says, “If you’re fed up messing about and you want to get off the wheel of karma and rebirth and out of illusion, just follow me. I’ll bring up all your stuff so you can deal with it and I’ll show you what your contract on earth is. All you have to do is to be willing to keep your mind out of any decision making process and have enough courage to take enormous leaps of faith.”

I need to state the obvious here, namely that I would never take action if the number 11:11 appeared and if acting on its appearance didn’t feel right. I always (and I mean always) run actions past my intuition before I act. If your intuition is not well developed then the 11:11 path cannot be trodden although I also believe that the 11:11 will not appear in your life until you are ready. That's why it appears to some people and not to others. However, I do not run 11:11 prompted actions through my mind because I have learned that decisions based on the appearance of the 11:11 do not always make logical sense. In fact they rarely do. I have also learned that taking leaps of faith requires a large dose of courage.

To me, numbers are the interface between the seen and the unseen worlds. My understanding is that numbers are the language of consciousness as opposed to words which are the language of thoughts and therefore of the mind. I prefer my guidance to come directly from consciousness rather than through the programming of the mind.

In 2003 when the number 11:11 first started to appear in my life, I had no idea why it was happening. Why did I keep looking at the clock just as the digits lined up at 11:11? Why had I not glanced at the clock one minute earlier or one minute later? Its not as if I looked at the clock that often. However, number synchronicities began happening so regularly and so dramatically that I realized something very peculiar was going on, something way beyond normal. Shortly after the 11:11 began to appear to me, I decided to start an experiment, using numbers as signs to guide me just to see what would happen. I have been living in this way for 9 years and the longer I do so, the more convinced I become that the 11:11 can be interpreted as ‘Act on this and you are acting in perfect alignment with Divine will.’ Essentially we can either act from selfishness (our ego nature) or unselfishness (our Divine nature). Once we surrender our free will to Divine will we become instruments of light on earth. I have found that basing decisions on the appearance of numbers is an excellent way of releasing the stranglehold of the ego. In my experience it also makes for a very interesting (although somewhat challenging, unsettling and unpredictable!) life.

So the next time you see 11:11 appear in your world, try pausing and look for the message that it is trying to send you. If it appears as you are thinking about making a trip somewhere, maybe it is confirming that you need to take the trip. If you enquire about a course and the email response is sent (or received) at 11:11 then I would interpret that as being for my highest good to do the course in question.

To follow the path of number requires you to be 100% aware and living in the moment, otherwise you are likely to miss its appearance but once you are tuned into the 11:11 time prompt, it will astound you with its wisdom. Even after 10 years of following the path of number, I still gasp in wonder at where it leads me and what it teaches me.

Hilary Carter is co-creator of Taiyoga and co-founder of HigherMoon transformational workshops. She is currently involved in setting up a Yoga Retreat centre in an ancient convent in the Dordogne region of France, and lives between her homes in Devon and the Dordogne. She is the author of: The 11:11 Code (Secrets of the Convent), No Name No Number (Exploring the 11:11 Phenomenon), Numerology Made Easy, The Chakras Made Easy www.hilarycarter.com  

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