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Meditations on the Fall Equinox

by Eve Wilson

Here we are again at the end of summer, approaching the Fall Equinox; one of two times a year when the daytime and the night are of equal length. All summer long, the energy of the earth and the sun have fed and nurtured us, body and spirit. We have been lifted up out of our limited lives and embraced in the lush, warmth of summer.

Rudolph Steiner, the great philosopher/teacher of the late 1800s and early 1900s talks about summer as a time when our souls are lifted out of our ego focus and embraced by cosmic consciousness. Then as we come to September, it is as though we are returned to ourselves, with a spark of divine truth implanted within us to be nurtured over winter and birthed into our lives in the spring of the following year. I agree with him on this and would like to help you to transition through this darker period of the year with greater awareness of the gifts you hold within like a mother holds a child in her womb.

There is a challenge to be overcome during this transition which many feel in the fall. Some experience it as a kind of depression. I have always had a sense of expectancy! As we are returned to our personal ego identities we can feel dull and limited. It can be hard to let go of all that outer light and expansive consciousness; but there is the light within you, both that which you had before the summer and that which has been added to you during the summer season. If you can willingly choose to turn your focus within, you might discover an eagerness to be able to nurture yourself and the light growing within you. The darker months are your time to find and nurture the light within yourself.

I love the inner relationship with both my human self and my own personal focus of spirit. This is the most primary of all relationships and one that is not often encouraged by parents and school teachers; but without it we are dependent on outward stimulation for our growth. Without that inward time and focus we can entirely miss our unique personal gifts of spirit and the world will be sadder for their absence.

Understanding this, as we begin the cooler seasons, it might help if you take some time to consider what rich opportunities for experiencing and nurturing your spirit and soul you would like to provide for yourself! What gives you joy and awakens your passion? What soothes and enriches your spiritual life? How can you make time to give these to yourself?

Perhaps you are a secret artist and long to paint or play the piano, but haven’t bothered to do so. Maybe through walking or running you find an inner rhythm through which you receive messages and insight into your life and purpose. Sitting in meditation might help you find a stillness that allows that seed that spirit planted in you to be sensed and understood. You are unique, what does it for you? If you don’t know, then the quest might be to explore your options and find out what feeds your own soul.

What times of day allow you to blossom and recall yourself most fully? Is it morning, late at night? Just after work or during your lunch hour? Who will be disappointed if you take this time for yourself? You can help them understand that by nurturing yourself you have more to give to them and you will do it with greater joy and potency than when you are running on empty. How many times a week do you need time for yourself in order to thrive? You can begin small and gradually pick up traction as you experience the benefits for yourself and those you love in taking time to grow your inner life.

The gifts of spirit within you need to be nurtured, gestated and given birth through your life. You are not just a machine for doing things in the outer world. You are an eternal spirit living within a physical reality. Nurturing your spirit brings you home as nothing else can. You may be surprised next fall, looking back, to see the changes within your life that reveal the ripening fruit of what was planted this summer which you nurtured over the fall and winter. We will all be blessed by this fruitfulness within you, bringing your unique and true sweetness and potency to the world.

Eve Wilson is a naturally gifted intuitive healer, able to read the aura and the soul’s contracts, healing the root cause of disease for humans and animals; also training legally accredited Healer Practitioners since 1986 through The Healer Development Program and Ascension courses. Her classes reach people around the world via Skype or phone. She is skilled at helping people and the planet through the current changes and ascension. Visit her website for The Weekly Word for Healing and Ascension and more information www.spiritualhealers.com . evew@spiritualhealers.com - 734-780-7635.

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