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by D.B Lichtstrahl

What catapulted my Raiders-of-the-Lost-Ark exploration toward understanding more accurately “who we are”, was a Tuesday, November 1, 2011 article in the Science Times section of the New York Times titled, “Decoding the Brain’s Cacophony”. In it Dr. Michael Gazzaniga, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara, stated, “My contention is that, ultimately responsibility is a contract between two people rather than a property of the brain…”

“OMG (Oh My God)!” was my response. From my understanding this information had serious social ramifications and Gazzaniga knew it. I then bought his book, Who’s In Charge?” Free will and the science of the brain. There on page 44 I read, “There is no one boss of the brain. You are certainly not the boss of the brain. Have you ever succeeded in telling your brain to shut up already and go to sleep?” Double-wow.

IF… as Dr. Gazzaniga states, “…ultimately responsibility is a contract between two people rather than a property of the brain…” and if our brains “automatically” run just by being “alive”…

THEN… Gazzaniga’s understanding changes the whole Judicial system we’ve created over time – as that system is based primarily on “who is responsible” – unless of course you have been, “accepted as insane” then you are “not responsible for your actions”!

“What then”, or perhaps “where is”, the “who” that is running the ship – for each of us?! This is certainly a highly critical piece of new knowledge humans ought to know about, consider and understand, globally!

Has “responsibility” been defunct like the planet Pluto! Are we all now considered “insane”, or “not responsible”?! That is a fantastic consideration when we think about “who we are” (or rather, “when thinking about it happens”?)!

In 2013 it’s now way more beneficial (and more accurate?) to include in our understanding of who we are—our brains function all by themselves. We do not “turn them on”, we don’t flip a switch, they are “on” 24/7!

When we perceive from a “we-are-not-the-boss-of-our-brain” perspective, we are entering into a completely new relationship with all that’s here. The information “happening” at any one particular “human point of view” is now just that, “information” rather than “information with intent, responsibility”. Will we be able to shift our pattern of belief on this one!?

How we humans communicate, how we translate, how we understand the information flowing from each other and from ourselves, is now more central to shaping our contracts, agreements and Judicial system than ever before.

Once accepting that the other is not the boss of their brain, (and neither are you) ought to lift a 1,000 pound sack of un-useful meanings off the backs of many…it does for me, even as it further opens a cave of human-wonders to explore. So who do you think you are now?

IF…THEN…” Join me in hot pursuit of information and how it changes who we think we are... D.B Lichtstrahl is a human-identity maverick, author, program facilitator, and communications consultant. www.danalichtstrahl.com; info@danalichtstrahl.com [aspects from, Are YouWatching? © 2012]?

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