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Excerpt from "Beyond the Here and Now - Thriving in the Age of Change"

From Now On

by Lucy O’Hagan

Throughout my new book, Beyond the Here and Now, I ask the reader to look at how the consciousness of humankind has evolved and taken us to a place where we as a species are being asked to step into our true identities and live on Earth as fully conscious beings. In fact we are right in the middle of taking that step regardless of whether we believe we are ready or even whether we are aware that it is happening. Life as we have known it is changing on a moment-to-moment basis. Long-held beliefs and certainties have been eroded, and institutions on which we relied to take care of and guide us have been shown to not have our best interests at heart; similarly influential individuals, to whom we have given our allegiance and trust, have been found to have ‘feet of clay’.

We are being asked to let go of the limiting beliefs that have held us captive for the last 26,000 years and begin to accept our own divinity. In doing that, we must begin to live our lives on Earth as divine, unlimited beings, fully conscious of our divine nature and all that entails. This means no longer accepting the limitations that we have subscribed to in order to conform to societal norms. These ‘societal norms’ which were regarded as a necessity to provide stability and cohesion within the various societies have in reality had a divisive effect on humanity, and emphasized differences as opposed to similarities.

This approach has kept us separate from each other and has divided humanity along race, creed, gender, age and wealth to name but a few. We have been lulled into a false sense of security from which has developed apathy and helplessness. In this state we have lost touch with many of the gifts that we came on this Earth with, not only for our own use, but for the benefit of all humankind and the planet on which we reside.

We have lost the awareness that we are divine beings and as such are unlimited in our ability to create a life of our own choosing, a life that reflects our unique gifts and talents. This was the life that we came on this Earth to experience, not the one that we currently reside in where it seems that we are governed by rules, regulations and institutions that are there for the benefit of a few, and not for the good of all. In the current upheaval, the bright light of awareness is shining in to the darkest recesses of all those individuals and institutions that would claim to be working for the good of all. Their practices and belief systems are being exposed for all to see, and individuals are becoming aware of all that is being carried out in their name.

Groups of like-minded people are coming together, and in a peaceful non-violent way, reminiscent of the peace movement in India led by Mahatma Gandhi, merely stating: ‘This is not acceptable, we want things to change’. The Arab Spring Revolution which has extended through 18 Middle Eastern countries and irrevocably changed the political landscape of many of these countries and the Occupy Wall Street movements which occurred in 90 countries throughout the world are both examples of where large groups of people have come together without any specific designated leaders to stand up and be counted. They have responded to a desire within for change, a recognition that this is not how they want to live and that there is something better that can be created. We are gradually awakening to the fact that change is needed, disconcerting though it may be. We are aware that there has to be another way, that the structures which we are currently employing are not working for the majority of people, and we are all being encouraged to ask: Where do we go from here? What else can we create? What else is possible?

We are in a new time, and trying to ‘fix’ systems and institutions using the same beliefs and processes from which they were created will not succeed for their time is past. We are not being asked to restore things to their former glory but are instead being guided to create new ones with core values that adhere to the rules of the Universe, and are inclusive of and for the betterment of all. It was Albert Einstein who remarked that only a fool looks for solutions in the same place that created the problem in the first instance.

Humankind is being shown that we are not master of all we survey. There is a greater power and a universal order that we are not only connected to, but are at one with. We are being made aware that every action we take affects everything, not only on this planet but in the Universe. We are part of a greater and grander plan that is now unfolding and are now being given a chance to consciously co-create with the Universe, to dream into reality a planet that is truly Heaven on Earth.

Lucy O’Hagan resides in Co. Wicklow, Ireland occupying a senior post with the Health Services Executive. She has travelled extensively expanding her knowledge and practical application of many Eastern philosophical teachings and healing practices. Marrying these experiences with her background and qualifications in Western allopathic medical fields has allowed Lucy to share the resulting wisdoms with others.

Beyond the Here and Now - Thriving in the Age of Change by Lucy O'Hagan is published by O Books 25th October 2013.

Paperback: 978-1-78279-154-6 | $19.95 | £11.99
eBook: 978-1-78279-153-9 | $9.99 | £6.99

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