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Body Consciousness = Cosmic Consciousness

by Guy Joseph Ale

We are living at a remarkable period in time. The last century has given us more scientific discoveries than the entire preceding human history before it. Emerging fields of new cosmology, neuroplasticity, superstring theory, and epigenetics are presenting a view of humankind as the eyes, ears, and mind of the cosmos with far more to discover in the world inside us than in the universe at large.

New cosmology shows that we are the offspring of supernovas, of exploding stars. We are made of star dust. The carbon in our body could not be created in the universe in any other way than through the collapse and explosion of a star. We are embedded in this evolutionary process: just as a single drop in an ocean contains in it the character of the entire ocean, so each of us contains in our body the entire information of existence.

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to constantly adapt to changing circumstances throughout life. The human brain contains approximately 100 billion neurons, or nerve cells. Neuroplasticity enables the brain to regularly form new communication pathways between these cells and continuously reconfigure existing ones. This process enables us to acquire new skills, memorize new information, and generally adapt to existence through experience.

Neuroscientists believed that the brain stopped this process of neural regeneration at around the age of four. However, research since the beginning of the twenty-first century shows that the brain’s neural connections never reach a fixed pattern that cannot change further. Rather, studies have shown that the brain is changing constantly, in response to learning, disease, exercise, and other stimuli through our entire lifespan.

This means that a person can stay active and engaged in life as long as they practice a lifestyle that stimulates both the body and the mind. This also provides the scientific proof that we can learn from past mistakes and improve our approach to life as we go along. Tomorrow is not yesterday. We don’t have to carry forward bad habits only because we’ve done them in the past.

Superstring theory explains the universe this way:

- Everything is made of particles

- Particles contain atoms and molecules

- Molecules contain two or more atoms

- Atoms contain protons, neutrons, and electrons

- Protons and neutrons contain quarks

- Quarks contain no more matter but strings of vibration – pure energy

When we divide the particles down to their tiniest ingredients to discover what they’re made of, what we’re left with is strings of probabilities, vibrations of potential. We discover that the essence of life is pure energy and information. This is the source of you and the cosmos.

Epigenetics show that contrary to the old notion of nature versus nurture, over the course of a lifetime, both these aspects play crucial complementary roles in forming a full existence.

Epigenetics reveal that our consciousness modulates our biology. Our thoughts affect our genes and not the other way around. Here’s the mental switch: instead of an unwitting instrument of the genetics you’ve inherited, you are the conscious master of your journey through life – determining your destiny by what you think and how you act.

Body Consciousness Techniques

Meditation – Eastern spiritual traditions have known about the benefits of meditation for thousands of years. In the past few decades, Western-led science has contributed to this understanding with numerous studies that show the clear effects that meditation has on our overall health. The shortest way to describe how meditation improves our wellbeing is: meditation calms the mind / which calms the body / which enables the body to regain its equilibrium.

Pressure points are powerful and convenient tools to gain awareness and control of your body, as well as helping the body to release tension and realign itself. Our body is a repository of everything we experience: elation, sadness, frustration, fear, pain, confidence, and love. Everything that happens in the mind has a correlate in the body. This storing of mental information in the body is done both consciously and subconsciously. Pressure points help you release the tension that your body accumulates through the day, and this leads to a free flow of energy through the body which enables it to restore its optimal condition.

Touch triggers are psychosomatic devices for registering new awareness in your body in a way that later you can recall this information at will. The unique benefit of the touch triggers is that they combine a psycho – mental – process, with a somatic – physical – response to create new perception in your body to establish a permanent desirable change in your life.

Ring muscles – the human body contains a system of muscles which regulate the basic functions of existence: respiration, reproduction, heart regulation, blood circulation, digestion and elimination, and the muscular coordination through the body.

When we are born all these muscles work together, contracting and relaxing simultaneously. As we grow older, we develop bad habits. We slouch as we walk, we stick our guts out, we sit in bad postures, and all these behaviors short-circuit the network of communication signals between the different systems of the body and cause the body to fall out of alignment. This in turn harms the digestive processes, the blood flow, and the immune system. The ring muscles help restore the original synchronicity of the different systems of the body, which resets the body to its natural balance.

Wisdom of the body

The human body contains a natural state called homeostasis, or self-regulation, where it maintains biological processes, hormonal stability, and internal temperature within an optimal range. The body intuitively knows how to take care of itself. For example, we sweat to cool off during the hot summer days, and we shiver to produce heat during the cold winter months.

In conclusion, every atom in our body comes from planet Earth, which in turn is made of the same energy and information as everything else in the cosmos. When we access our innate intuition we access universal intelligence.

Guy Joseph Ale is President of Lifespan Seminar and Vice President of Asia Pacific Association of Psychology. He serves as the Secretary General of the Chamber of Chartered Behavioral Scientists and is an Esteemed Council Member of the International Council of Professional Therapists. Learn more at www.LifespanSeminar.com

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