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by Dana Lichtstrahl

Information is all around and we are informed daily! The remarkable-ness of being informed can be in the “connect-the-dots sequences”. Recently, the following sequence of information showed up for me…

IF, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Astrophysicist and Director of the Hayden Planetarium in New York City, was captured on video, (“Beyond Belief”) in 2006 saying, “I know the molecules in my body are traceable to phenomena in the cosmos…”

And IF, a May-June 2011 issue of The Economist graced its cover with, “Welcome to the Anthropocene: Geology’s New Age, and reported, “We are shifting…to the new age of man…it means thinking afresh about the relationship between people and their world…”

And IF, Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D. (Dr. Quantum’s Little Book of Big Ideas, 2012) wrote, “The very notions of heaven being separate from earth, mind separate from body, free-will separate from determinism, life separate from death, and in fact all duality, all opposites…are not primary facts…”

And IF, The Wall Street Journal (10/16/13) reports on “The Teenage Empathy Gap” and the importance of the cultivation of sensitivity in adolescent boys for the benefit of all…

And IF, at this year’s October SAND Gathering (Science and Nonduality conference), a panel of scientific experts led by Deepak Chopra informed us, “Everything is potential…the brain fills in the blanks…there is only one observer with species specific observers…your perspective will change your gene activity…information gives rise to form… through quantum theory it is clear, we are instantly correlated with everything else…at the Planck level the Big Bang is still happening…science is more interested now in networks, self-organization and emerging systems, the big view…”

And IF… The New York Times, Sunday Style section (November 3rd 2013), headlined, “Mindfulness at Every Turn”, with David Hochman reporting an abundance of “Mindfulness practice”, a kind of “meditation training” happening within Start-ups, The Marine Corps, at business conferences, and the beneficial outcomes being experienced by everyone…

AND IF…the Huffington Post’s online RELIGION page (11/17/13) presented “The Beginning of Wisdom” by scientist Dave Pruett in which he writes, “If awe is the foundation for wisdom, for art, for science, and for religion, then it would behoove us to make space for awe…by nurturing it.”

Well THEN, it seems to me, mostly because of the way my body (mind and spirit) feels when informed by the kind of knowledge listed above, which is extraordinarily good, we are all on a trajectory toward heaven on earth! Never before in our history have we reported such information as this, globally. With that “I’d” like to wish “Ourself” a fun and festive 2013/2014 Winter Season!

Your “Comments” continue motivating the exploration of “who we think we are” now that we know more. Glad you’re joining me in hot pursuit of information... D. B. Lichtstrahl. Read more at www.danalichtstrahl.com info@danalichtstrahl.com  D.B. Lichtstrahl © 2013

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