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The Ascendance of Man

by Pierre Richard Dubois

Ascension is a fancy word to describe a process by which man arises to a level of mastery at which he no longer needs to exist in the corporeal body, if he so chooses. One could also use terms like enlightenment, illumination, and self-realization as equivalents. What we call it is not important, but through the process of life and rebirth, the human soul is refining itself into a state of perfection and control in which all the experiences of life are mastered. This happens step by step, moment by moment, and experience by experience. Every time life circumstances present us with challenges and we chose the higher road, share of ourselves, transcend the illusion of separation, and go outside of our comfort zone, we inch closer to ascension. In fact, ascension is a natural process that, given enough time, humanity will evolve into. In a similar manner by which we matured from being homo habilis into homo erectus, we are on a progressive evolutionary path that will transform us into homo luminous beings.

To begin with, if man is ascending, there must have been a descent. Many holy books describe a fall or descent from a state of grace into physical embodiment in a 3-D vessel. Since this descent, we have been trying to find our way back into this original estate. Throughout history, many sages, saints, healers, and masters have achieved a level of mastery, grace, and ascendance, and it has brought them popular attention. After their transition from this world, disciples have codified their life works and spiritual processes into ascension mechanisms for the would-be student to follow. To date, there are many ascension mechanisms available for the serious student interested in accelerated self-realization.

Not all ascension mechanisms are created equal. There exist wide differences of opinion as to the correct path to follow. It is partly due to the temperament of the individual. Some paths are more devotional, or intellectual, or spiritual, or service oriented, and the individual ascension mechanisms reflect these preferences. However, there are some fundamental principles that all ascension mechanisms should cover. If these principles are included, no matter what path you follow, the result is the same: an elevation in consciousness in which separation from others ends. Unfortunately, there are those who are proposing mechanisms and techniques that are unsafe and incomplete. The most popular techniques are not always the safest. Let us demystify the process.

Ascension is mastery of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body. No matter what temperament you have, your ascension mechanism must include mastery of all four aspects for it to be a safe path.

Mastery of the physical body: This means that you are grounded and in the body. Most lightworkers are focused on higher realms and not connected to the needs of their bodies. This is a grave mistake, for without a proper connection to the physical realm, your spiritual knowledge cannot be made manifest. Knowledge without application is perverse.

Mastery of the emotional body: Humanity lives in the emotional body. Whatever we feel is real to us. Yet our emotions are simply the results of a release of hormones from the hypothalamus into our cells, causing a physiological change in our body and creating a lens or filter through which we experience reality. It is like a food coloring or spice that is so convincing, holographic, and overwhelming that we cannot experience anything else. To a large degree, safe ascension techniques must include psychological and emotional mastery.

Mastery of the mental body: Our thoughts are what control our emotions. Tell that to someone who is in the throes of an emotional reaction, and they will think you are insane. But it is a fact that if you can train yourself to hold back your emotional reaction, think about the opposite feeling or emotion, and hold that thought for a little bit of time, your emotional body will follow.

Mastery of the spiritual body: This includes all the cleansing and purification techniques, breath work, DNA reconstruction and activation, meditation, and spiritual connection to Source and Higher Realms—all designed to increase the control and mastery of the spiritual body.

If you are following a safe ascension technique, you will get to a point where your ascendance begins. It starts out as a moment of ecstatic bliss and euphoria during meditation and lingers thereafter. Over a period of time that may last months, these moments of bliss begin to occur when you are not meditating. Throughout the day while going about your daily routine, joy, bliss, and serenity fill your consciousness. The culmination of this process is that, for most days, you remain in that state. You have now achieved the first level of ascension, which is an increase in power and energy. As a result of this, your thoughts will manifest within minutes. Whatever thought is running in your mind will cause an external and sympathetic effect to occur in the outside world soon after it crosses your mind.

Most students of the light community are solely focused on working on the spiritual body, and there are plenty of techniques that will allow the student in short order to increase the energy or light body to a place at which the first level of ascension can be achieved. The danger here is that, without physical, emotional, and mental mastery, the newly ascended will quickly manifest in the real world whatever reactive state he finds himself in at the moment. Whatever thought or emotional state you are in—good, bad, angry, or disempowered—it will manifest. All the contents of the subconscious mind are now outwardly projected, and they are as big as your increased energy body. The newly ascended becomes a menace to himself and others. Many who have followed this unsafe path ascend but quickly fall into a state of chaos in which they are stuck battling their own demons in the real world. The safe path is for you to do this battle internally before the energy increase and the first level of ascension.

The second level of ascension is a natural and progressive growth in your capacity to love. As you are now enjoying your state of peace and serenity, you begin to realize that separation is an illusion. You now know that everyone in your circle of influence is a disempowered aspect of yourself. They are like cells that belong to the same organ or body. Moreover, if you have their permission, you can extend your peace and serenity to them. It is not a complicated matter, for the perception of fear, threat, and separation is gone. You simply wish to extend your bliss and love to them, and as a result, their pain and suffering are removed. In fact it is so simple that it feels like blinking your eye. Ascension is like having 3-D perception in flat dimensional land. At the second level of ascension, you can share your 3-D state energetically with others.

The third level of ascension is a further progression and evolution from this merger and love with others. This level manifests an increase in wisdom. This blending with others gives you great insight into the souls and vulnerabilities of others. You now see the flaws and lack of others with great clarity. Yet unlike an empath who blends with others, seeking information from them as a psychic spy or to use as a weapon, your perceptions of others are lovingly held while you try to figure out ways to help them achieve the state that you’re in. After all, you want them to stand shoulder to shoulder with you. They are simply disempowered aspects of you. You hold space and project into them their ascended and future self. Additionally, you now know that your enhanced perception must be shared with great care. Communicating to a soul the information that may be true, but that they are not capable or ready to process, will fracture their psyche. You have to give them breadcrumbs that will lead them into a state of readiness to assimilate that truth. This cannot be taught. There is no protocol or guideline for it. It is simply the maturity that comes with the experience of a loving shepherd. Wisdom is knowledge and power rightly used. The art of that usage is the evolution of true wisdom.

Although ascension is a natural process that may take multiple incarnations to achieve, accelerated ascension is a process that can considerably shorten that time frame. What path you follow makes all the difference in the world. Consider the guidelines above and find a path that suites your temperament. It is in fact true that spending years focusing on the emotional, psychological, and subconscious issues is unpopular and unsexy. Yet this is what must be done for you to achieve safe ascension. The choice is yours. You can take a short cut and pay later or do the work ahead of time and transition smoothly into an ascended tomorrow.

Pierre Richard Dubois is the author of A Primer for Ascension, Lessons Learned on the Path of Enlightenment. He is an ascension teacher, healer, and spiritual life coach based in New York City. He teaches weekly ascension classes in New York City and frequently offers lectures and workshops throughout the USA. He can be reached at http://iammonad.com
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