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Human Sustainability: New World Order Health

by Elizabeth Lawless

In a world with health concerns hitting us fromall sides we need a simple something that works: a sure thing.  The hope of our grandparents and parents are no longer the same for us.  We have turned that evolutionary corner at an accelerated speed and there is no one you speak too that will deny it, from young to old.

The bio-chemical mega industries along with relentless global capitalism fueled by the creative innovations of the high speed communication systems has left the population breathless post a twenty year expansion. Partner the hyper-centralization under the guise of " specialization "in fundamental areas such as the financial arena, post two party government/congressional models blend that in a cocktail of imploding "citizen siphoning" healthcare systems of radical dysfunction that no longer serve us and we are force fed a poisoning solution that has us failing as once sensitive, loving, hardworking, innovative and pioneering healthy human race.

So where do we go from here ? We gracefully made it through the Kali Yuga militant materialism, we danced square in the face of the stars of the "apocalyptic " visions of the end of times chronological maps.....so here we are still simply - Being.

To be or not to be is every man, woman and child's quest. Now a fundamental imperative we are called collectively to find our Creative solution to" Being " in what I call the " Horizontal Margin". This can be defined as when time, space and the collective global identity meet and wait to transform to the next vibrational dimension of Light or as Physics would have it new Quanta.

We have now before us the most unique period of human history since the age old wisdom text of the East began. We are being tried for our intentions, the quiet before the storm. As a Spiritual Paychologist and Integrative Vibrational technician of the mind, body and soul system I am acting as a mid-wife in every relationship for those open, knowledge-filled and gifted with the love of the Creative force.

The Universe is now " finding us " you must simply BE......

Our collective multidimensional multi-gifted humanity will either be enhanced or accelerated this will yield new fruit the likes of which we have never before seen or learned in our school books. We must re-create re-generate in this Winter or we will cease to be truly alive as humanity was magnificently created with revelatory purpose contributing to a Universal family that has been since the beginning of our time here on Earth.

We will see the greatest and most dramatic challenges coming about Spring of year 2014 , we must be steadfast to E.C.H.O our creative force. Energy communicates holistically in an organized intelligence. Essence, unseen energies operate with perfect mathematical design; symmetry. Our thoughts will create the good and the bad in physical collective manifestations at an accelerated energy level. This is simply morphogenic energy patterns rippling through the streams of Light and Sound; Holy waters.  The E.C.H.O is simply whatscientists and mystics have grasped as the life bridging all of humanityand sustaining us within communion with one another. We must be ready, vigilant like never before and use the wisdom in this New World Order model within streams of only this consciousness with all living things or we will no longer evolve in Life as a species. Arguing the highest net yields of Divine energies: Doxa to the Ancient Greeks.

We will be the subject not the initiator to mechanistic thoughts, manifestations of technology and transpersonal ideologies that will mark the end of an Age of enlightenment and gifts for an abundance of Life Force. Instead we will further participate in conflict, disease and a terrible waste of time, resources and creativity. The Hallmark our humane Will has always found its resourcefulness in the blended energies of Essence, unseen Doxa of the Creator, our so called animated Spiritual Being with Intellectual pursuits.

For more information visit www.peaceresearchacademy.com or www.echospirituality.com

Contact: Ms. Elizabeth Lawless,MA

President ECHO Spirituality 857-258-4441

President PEACE Research Academy

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