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I Wonder As I Wander....

by Alicja Bialasiewicz RN, ATP®

We are here with you on your journey of self-discovery, a journey that was set in motion so long ago by so many of you and so many of us. We wish first to ask you a question to ponder at this new beginning for you. And yes, you are right, it is a new beginning. We can see that, as the planets all around you are shifting, we can see the possibilities, the unlimited beginnings that are born of this new alignment of planetary energy. Do not try so hard, do not push so hard. You have worked very hard in 2013 bringing your life back into balance, healing from the past. Allow 2014 to be the year where you let go and let the new energy of ascension carry you to your fullest manifestation of the self. Of your-Self.

What are your true dreams? What would you like this year to bring for you? Do not be afraid to wish upon your star. This is the year of endless possibilities. The choice and the decision are yours. As always, first become clear on what you want and then work through the fear that is stopping your progress and be willing to really look into your heart. Your dream lives there. It always had and will through the centuries of your incarnations, until one day you will find enough courage to free your dream and therefore free your soul to expand into the spiritual being it strives to be.

We believe that many of you become confused, as you search for the meaning of you and the meaning of your life. It does not have to be complicated or even difficult. Yes, some of you have come here with a mission to heal this world. You know who you are, but many of you reading this have come to just be and to just heal your prior incarnations, to release the karma that is dragging you down. We ask those of you to simply release and allow, that maybe just maybe, you are here to just find love and be healed by it. Do not discount the power of love to heal you at its very core. Some of you did truly come here to earth with a mission to heal the planet and all of its inhabitants and in the process to heal yourselves as well, to release all karma, to allow your spirit to grow. If that resonates with you, then that is who you are.

Again, some of you are here to just heal, some of you are on a mission. Know who you are and do not push too hard. Just be and allow your gifts to naturally unfold, as you allow changes to come into your life. Begin by releasing and letting go. It is a perfect time to start letting go. But what is release and letting go? How do you let go of a lifetime of beliefs? How do you trust yourself or even your God being? There is no answer for the how of it. The how is truly up to your soul as it evolves, all that is needed from you is your permission, your readiness, your declaration to the world, to your God being that:

“Yes, I am truly ready for my life to finally begin. I am ready to walk this earth, as the being that I came here to be, I am no longer afraid of becoming the powerful being that I am. I can manifest the life I want. My dreams have come true. I am as I am, as I was always meant to be.”

And as you stand strong in your declaration, the how happens. The God Spirit within you begins to create your true vision, your true life, because you stand in the place of full receiving and until this moment of full receiving, of full readiness your God Self will keep watch over you, will guide you through the whispers of your soul, will put lessons in your path that will help you grow and reach the heights of growth. Until then, the God Self within you will stand by and watch over you.

Rejoice our dearest child of God. Your time is here. You have declared upon your world your full presence. Your full willingness to be with one, to bring your healing gifts into your world, to be healed for the healing of others. You now stand on the brink of being your fully manifested self. Follow your guidance and listen to your inner voice and do what is right for you. Not others. You and only you know your dreams and only you can fulfill them to its fullest potential.

Each of you has come to earth with your own unique footprint and the mark you leave upon your world is only yours. Be it small or be it big, it is all for the purpose of healing us all. Do not discount your contribution to the world at large, or the world of your family. Your dream may be “small” or it may be “big”. Know your dream. Know who you are and begin the new journey of this year with full allowance to manifest the life you were always meant to live.

As you gaze backwards, to years past, do not beat yourself up, (fore you will, as such is human nature) gaze only upon the moments that have brought you joy and the ones where you shed tears, remember them and then bless them for the gift of growth these moments have brought into your life. Remember, release and set yourself free. Thank each moment, each being for the willingness to share in your world the gifts of healing.

2014. From where we are, this is a year where much is possible, where the human kind will shift even further into the ascension process. Where a lot will be released and a lot will be gained. A year of balance. We will call this year, the year of balance, because each of you will seek to bring balance into your each individual life as well as the life of your family and on the global sphere. Your world, your mother earth will begin to shift to bring her into balance. Do not live in fear, know only that balance must always be attained and that is the how of the universe. Seek to bring balance into your own world this year and may we also add – moderation. Balance and moderation and the willingness to stand in your own light, in the power of your own belief and convictions, fully trusting and full of faith that as always, that the best that any of you can do is to reach for love, live in joy and be fully present in each moment of your life. We are always with you.

“Reach for your star meditation”

And now close your eyes and envision yourself standing in the middle of your life with your arms outstretched, and as you slowly turn and spin, you notice stars all around you and each star represents your current needs and your current dreams that are finally within your reach. Each star has a word written on it. Each word represents your dream. With your mind’s eye notice each star and each word as the stars slowly spin around you, floating in space within your arm’s reach. Keep your eyes closed and reach for the stars that are closest to you. Trust that these stars are just perfect for you and are exactly what spirit is sending you now. Each star is your dream and each star is your need that can be fulfilled within the energy of this year. Do not worry as to the how, just reach and trust as you take each star and bring it close to your heart. One by one, grab your stars! You are ready for these dreams to come true. Let go and be and allow yourself to receive this gift of knowing.”

There is much love here for you. – The White Brotherhood through Alicja Bialasiewicz

Alicja Bialasiewicz RN, ATP® Alicja's journey of healing began in 2005 when The White Brotherhood first contacted her. Since then, she has become an open channel for their Divine healing messages. She is an Angel Therapy Practitioner® having studied and completed her training with Doreen Virtue®. She has also trained in Native American Shamanism. Alicja helps people from all around the world to live the lives they were always meant to live. In addition to her own business, Inner Light Healing, Alicja is a critical care nurse. Please contact me for your very own angel healing session. Heal your heart, heal your being www.alicjainnerlight.com

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