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Spiritual Warriors: An Adventure in Spiritual Living

Film inspired by the book, Spiritual Warriors: The Art of Spiritual Living by John-Roger, DDS

by Terilee Wunderman

Spiritual Warriors is an exciting, suspenseful yet heartfelt film that delivers the message, “Every life has a purpose.” These simple yet powerful words come from the book that inspired the film, Spiritual Warrior: The Art of Spiritual Living, by John-Roger, DSS. In Spiritual Warriors, we are awakened to the truth of our eternally loving souls. Through a dynamic journey into the spiritual battlegrounds within ourselves, John-Roger’s timely message for living a spiritual life comes brilliantly alive on the big screen.

Co-written and co-produced by John-Roger, DSS and Jsu Garcia, Spiritual Warriors presents the truth of our spiritual nature in a dazzling, entertaining and deeply fulfilling epic drama. Directed by David Raynr and filmed on location in Egypt and throughout the United States, Spiritual Warriors takes us from a heart-pounding opening scene to a surprising, provocative ending. Along the way, we join Finn (Jsu Garcia) in his adventure discovering himself and his life’s purpose as a Spiritual Warrior. We rally with Finn, an out-of-work actor, through his harrowing escape from a drug deal gone bad into his unexpected, intriguing friendship with Roger (Robert Easton), a compelling and patient spiritual teacher. Through his many challenges and the steady support of Roger, Finn comes face to face with the truth of his spiritual nature and the purpose of his life --- to love.

A reluctant student initially, Finn rejects Roger’s messages and dismisses the value of living a spiritual life. In so doing, Finn reflects the all-too-common thought that leading a spiritual life is pointless, that memories from past lives are nothing more than fantasies and delusions. Yet, when he turns to Roger for help and opens his heart, Finn surprises himself as he recalls integral moments from his past lives, key events that explain, comfort and inspire him in his search for the truth of his soul.

As Finn reveals his innermost thoughts to his psychiatrist (Leigh Taylor-Young), we look back with him on his spiritual journey. Through Jsu Garcia’s poignant portrayal of Finn, we come to know our hero as an ordinary man overcoming profound grief and despair while discovering unfathomable, inexplicable love deep within. Finn becomes a warrior for good over evil, for love over fear. Yet, he does so with the innocence and open heart of a child. Finn’s courage and willingness to be vulnerable, to open himself to the challenges he faces within himself and the world, serve to inspire that willingness inside each one of us.

“Spiritual Warriors make sure their intention is very clear because what we put out into the world is what we get back,” John-Roger, DSS writes in Spiritual Warrior: The Art of Spiritual Living. “If your intention is to be loving and caring, you cannot let anything that is not loving or caring come into your field of action.” As Finn faces the sudden loss of his true love, Claire, (Shyla Cruize), he turns away from the message of his spiritual teacher. Rather than taking care of himself and honoring his enduring love, he wallows in his sadness and grief, neglecting himself in familiar human ways. A near-death experience brings Finn the profound realization of the loving truth of his soul. He then chooses to dedicate himself as a true Spiritual Warrior.

“Every man has a destiny,” we are told as Finn returns to Roger eager to study with him. Roger in turn tells him, “You are the one I’ve been looking for.” Roger and Finn then take us on Finn’s spiritual journey to Egypt and to deep within his heart. We travel with these two unlikely friends into spiritual battlegrounds past and present, reflecting the ones within Finn’s heart and soul, and magnificently and vividly brought to life on the screen.

“We have to go into the dark part of us and love it,” John-Roger writes. “For that is the key into the Kingdom --- to love it.” Finn takes us with him into his dark parts, his inner battles that are all too familiar to us. We cheer Finn on as he fights his demons within, the demons we recognize and share in our humanness. Powerfully presented on-screen through brilliant special effects and a driving musical score, Finn battles for the truth of his soul.

“The most difficult thing about being a Spiritual Warrior is confronting yourself,” writes John-Roger. “The only thing that you can take with you --- the only thing that is going to live, and never die --- is the Soul.” Through Finn’s personal pilgrimage, we see how he remembers his past lives and how he has the opportunity to complete what was left undone. We see his past relationships, his loving bonds, and how those bonds continue into the present. We see how Finn’s soul lives on and how every experience is an opportunity for his learning and loving. Finn’s enlightenment expands, and ours along with him, providing the inspiration and motivation for all of us to live as Spiritual Warriors.

“Life is not a matter of avoiding the tough lessons, but of extracting all we can from them for the advancement of our spiritual selves,” writes John-Roger. “The difference between a Spiritual Warrior and a lot of other people who wander around waiting for success, or love, or abundance to happen to them is that the Spiritual Warrior acts, not reacts.” As a true Spiritual Warrior, Finn takes charge of his fears, choosing to face what at first appears insurmountable. He embraces his greatest fears with love and overcomes them with patience, courage, and the deep inner knowing that his strength comes from the Spirit within. In Spiritual Warriors, Finn succeeds in the spiritual battlegrounds and is then presented with the next compelling challenge for his spiritual heart.

In Spiritual Warriors, we learn that love is the source of our inspiration, motivation and success, that love overcomes all. We come to understand the dedication to living from our spiritual heart. A truly satisfying film, Spiritual Warriors inspires the Spiritual Warrior within us all as we discover that we are the ones we have been looking for. Spiritual Warriors is a masterful work of art and love, a glorious and timely journey of the Spirit. A unique, provocative film, Spiritual Warriors offers a profoundly beneficial message for healing and peace within ourselves and the world.

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