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Have Faith

by Alicja Bialasiewicz

We feel your sadness, your fear and your unanswered questions. Although this may hold a lot of fear in your heart, we ask that you continue to connect daily with our guidance and we ask that you have faith and trust in us, the universe and most of all, your ability to manifest the life you have always known to be your true birthright. The life you were always meant to live.

Have faith and remain in patience. We applaud your willingness to hear us and to follow our guidance. We ask that you trust. There is a resistance in you, born of your many human experiences to not trust in good and positive outcomes. We now ask that your breath be easy and relaxed and cleansing of all thoughts and actions that block your progress. We do not have your fear of worry, as we fully see the path before you and where it is leading you.

Each day must be spent in quiet solitude, focusing only on your goals and taking a step each day to fulfillment of such goals. Break each dream you hold in your heart and pursue that dream with total unwavering faith of your dream coming true. What is your current dream? Even now, you hesitated, unsure if that is what you truly want, unsure of your own worth to have your dream come true! Why do you pause? What is holding you back from fully claiming the birthright of your dream? That it is the wrong dream? In what way would achieving this dream be wrong? What if there is something better? Is it really my dream? Or is it a dream of another? We ask again, what would be wrong if this dream came true?

The questions and answers are endless, resulting in the knowing of your soul and in the calling of your heart. Pick a dream, any dream and break it down to find it’s true core; the true dream hidden within the safety of a smaller dream, a dream perhaps you feel is more attainable than the true dream your heart and soul are guiding you towards. Yes, at times, there are “side” dreams, dreams that “take you away”, to lead you on a path of healing and growth. So, you see, there are no wrong dreams, only your fear to dream the real dream and your fear of your dream coming true. Staying safe will offer no challenge, no dreams coming true, only compromise and evaluations and a decision to accept God’s will. Yet, God’s will for you and all others is to live a life of great magnificence, a life of great healing and purpose, a life fully lived and acknowledged at the very end of your time here, before you move forward in your incarnation process, as a life worth living, a life of all that you have signed up for, of every experience and emotion that in the end has brought only true healing to your soul and to us all. Go forward without fear and hesitation, move ahead, fully trusting and believing that you are worthy of your dreams. You have mapped out your path long ago, the path is in your heart, and your soul speaks it well. Listen and honor all that you have become and wish still to become. Honor your human self and your human commitment to you, your family and all that matters on this journey. Honor the presence of each being in your life, each experience “good” or “bad”, honor it, as it has brought you to where you are today.

We bless you with all the love in our hearts. We hold you up. We continue to guide you and your work. Ask and it is given and it truly is. Break your dream down and ask for that which you truly want, otherwise your fear will always hold it at bay, just out of your reach. If you are asking for what you think you either don’t deserve or are not sure you want, then you are attracting a situation into your life that will mirror that. Yes, we know that you already know that, but it bears repeating. Is your current dream a detour, a learning experience or simply, again, God’s will? Or is it just the next step on your journey before you reach your final destination. The feeling of complete peace and ease of breathing is your Creator’s wish for you. This is your sign that this truly is your path to take next. Your human steps are to begin taking the next step in the direction of your dream because you know that which you wish and desire is here fully manifested in your life.

Many things are said many ways. Very often we send many of you to speak the same message, so everyone can hear, as each human is developing at his or her specific rate. Different level of enlightenment allows a different message to be heard. Trust and hold no fear. Those that still struggle in obtaining peace within their higher selves, those that are evolving at such a high rate, that very often their own guidance systems seem to fail; we here, gently guide them to the re-returning to their true path. Those awakened by Spirit at this time have not the luxury to meditate for decades and wish upon their dreams to teach humankind. They are like blowing fires burning in the night sky, fully awakened to their purpose, to their light within and all we are doing is providing them a lighted path to follow.

Have faith, trust and follow your intuitively guided steps. We cannot take your human steps for you; we can only gently inspire you to take them.

Alicja Bialasiewicz and The White Brotherhood of Light.

Alicja Bialasiewicz RN, ATP® Alicja's journey of healing began in 2005 when The White Brotherhood first contacted her. Since then, she has become an open channel for their Divine healing messages. She is an Angel Therapy Practitioner® having studied and completed her training with Doreen Virtue®. She has also trained in Native American Shamanism. Alicja helps people from all around the world to live the lives they were always meant to live. In addition to her own business, Inner Light Healing, Alicja is a critical care nurse. Contact Alicja to schedule your channeled healing session. Heal your heart, heal your being. www.alicjainnerlight.com

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