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Discover Your Power of Miracle Healing

by Walter Lubeck

An article by Walter Lübeck, founder of Rainbow Reiki, master/teacher of traditional Usui Reiki, and author of 25 books translated in more than 20 languages.

Every one of us is a part of the wonderful miracle of the Creator. As long as we live on this blue planet, however, we need to adjust to the laws of nature. Otherwise life would not function. On the other hand there are a lot of laws of nature yet to be discovered!

There is so much more between heaven and earth than most of us know.

For more than 25 years I have worked as a spiritual healer and teacher worldwide in places like India, Japan, Hong Kong, Brazil, UK, Norway, Venezuela and Germany.

Through the years of traveling and working together with the Divine, I have gathered a lot of valuable knowledge and experience about what really works when it comes to healing. Thousands of clients and students have come to me to learn about happiness and enlightenment and to get support on their path towards healing.

My aim is to teach people how to discover their personal power of miracle healing.

The system I have created to do this is called Rainbow Reiki. Through the years thousands of people who wanted to find the “real thing” in spiritual healing attended Rainbow Reiki classes with me or the teachers I have trained.

What do students learn with Rainbow Reiki? A major healing process is “The Reiki Quantum Light Bath”, called Marayana Sayi. This method creates deep relaxation and profound healing on all levels, including the spiritual DNA structure, within only 20 minutes. Beginners of Rainbow Reiki are able to do hip and atlas vertebra corrections within three minutes without touching the client. Rainbow Reiki healers can remove allergies, and support the body to let go of toxins, fears and bad habits. Even learning can be enhanced easily with Rainbow Reiki. All this and so much more are accomplished within 4 days of beginner classes!

A class that follows the beginner classes is Rainbow Reiki Advanced Metaphysical Healing. This teaches how to bring back vertebrae to their natural place in the spine without the use of any mechanical force. To my knowledge, it is the most sophisticated method for energetically adjusting the spine and relaxing chronically tensed muscles.

Many nerves from the spine connect the Central Nervous System to organs, glands, and all parts of the human body. If there is a vertebra out of place, malfunction of organs, pain, and other health issues may occur. This class gives you a highly efficient tool box to solve these issues safely.

Many Rainbow Reiki students have said this to me, “There is a life before learning Rainbow Reiki, but there is a much better one after learning Rainbow Reiki. It is filled with healing that one did not dream possible before.” Are you ready to discover your personal power of miracle healing?

Walter Lübeck (www.rainbowreikiusa.com) is a world-renowned spiritual teacher and author. He is Grandmaster & Linneage Bearer of Rainbow Reiki, Lemurian Tantra, Three Rays Meditation and the White Feather Shamanic Tradition. Rainbow Reiki is taught by Walter Lübeck in German and English all around the world. His 25 books, seven of them about Rainbow Reiki, have been translated in 20 languages. He teaches over 200 different classes. He has produced a Rainbow Reiki training video, software for spiritual counseling and a music CD “Power Reiki”. He is an enthusiastic musician, performing at spiritual fairs and other events as a drummer and singer/songwriter. Walter Lübeck got his first degree in Traditional Usui Reiki in 1987 and has taught Reiki since 1989. He learned Reiki through the western and also through the Japanese lineage. Reiki as defined by the International Center for Reiki training is “a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.” Rainbow Reiki takes it a step further. It is a spiritual way developed by Walter Lübeck on the fundamentals of Traditional Usui Reiki, in-depth research on the roots of Reiki, Shamanism, Feng Shui, Meditation, state-of-the-art communication methods and spiritual psychology/psychotherapy. Walter’s knowledge of the Esoteric is not limited to one area. He incorporates all religions and all cultures into his work. Lessons are taught that are not included in his books. What he teaches is universal. His classes do not require the purchase any additional tools. They are all about learning to work with the energy around us, with the help from spiritual guides and beings of light.

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