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Your May 2014 Tarotscope

by Jenna Matlin

This month I decided to use the Lenormand, rather than the Tarot, for your monthly forecast. The Lenormand divination system has been widely used in Europe for the last 200 years but it has only recently become popularized in the US. I like to call horoscopes using the Lenromand Lenniescopes. Lenniescopes tend to be practical types of fortunes while Tarot is often psychological, thematic and spiritual in nature. I like using both decks to help me best triangulate the information I am looking for.

An overview of the Lenniescopes for this month indicate heightened importance on relationships with love, friends and family. There are also preparations to change jobs or even homes; it feels like a good spring cleaning of the soul. Fresh warm winds are blowing good things to all.

Taurus —Bouquet Anchor Moon—Happy birthday, Taurus! The month of May brings a happy state of affairs at work. Your efforts have paid off and it looks like you are the “it” person of the month. You might even be recognized for your efforts with an Employee of the Month type of recognition. Keep doing what you have been doing because the changes look very positive in your favor. If you do not have a job it looks like you might be getting one soon and the job itself will be a good fit. If you are retired or otherwise not working than this can also mean recognition from the people you care take or your volunteer position.

Gemini —Stork Dog Moon— This spread suggests that perhaps there is more to the person you have been keeping firmly in the friend zone. If you are single there may be a friend that you’ve never considered for a romantic relationship and this month you might see him or her in new a romantic light with a positive sign that this is a relationship meant to deepen. If you are in a committed relationship it could also mean an acquaintance will become someone in your inner circle, perhaps someone you have kept at arm’s length. Either way, there is someone in your life who is capable of having a deeper connection with you if you would allow it.

Cancer —Birds Tree Letter—This run of cards often can denote having a health issue. You might have been thinking that this issue would go away on its own and have been avoiding seeing the doctor or dentist, but the guidance here is that you need to see someone in order for the issue to resolve. If it is not a health issue then this could also mean a therapist, a coach or even an accountant! You need to get advice about something that has been vexing you, stop trying to lone wolf it!

Leo —Sun Woman Bouquet— May is such a lovely month and the warmer weather makes you literally shine, Leo. If you are a man this spread could mean a lovely woman bonding more closely to you in friendship, possibly more. If you are a woman this can mean that you are feeling very positive about your life and are being diligent with your self-care, that care and you are very attractive to others. This month is the time to ask for that promotion, do that audition, apply for that position because your charisma is at an all-time high.

Virgo —Clover Fox Mice—Sometimes it does not pay to be clever, or rather, there is such a thing as being too clever and it working against you and this is what I am seeing here this month for you, Virgo. This too good to be true prospect has to do with work or money in some capacity, or even a dalliance. If there is something you are participating in that you have to hide from others, it will be found out by others and hurt you in the long run. I would take that good luck or good position you are currently in and just enjoy it, no need to add anything to the mix.

Libra —Garden Coffin Scythe— This can mean one of two things; first, that you are having a really bad allergy season which is keeping you indoors more than usual. Or, that it is time to say good bye to a community that you have been involved with. If it is the latter the guidance here suggests that it is better for a clean break than a slow fade. If the community has not been working for you, not been honoring you or serving you then it is time to let it go and move onto greener pastures.

Scorpio —Snake Key Scythe—There is a person, possibly a woman, who is not best influence in your life. This person has been actively blocking your forward progress by being disruptive, talking about you to others unfavorably and is the queen of the off-handed compliment. The Key and Scythe are strong messages about ending things and ending them quickly and decisively. Note that any pleas from this person about why, or trying to get you to talk just means more fodder to use against you or to manipulate the situation to her advantage. A clean break is in order here, sometimes that is the hardest thing to do.

Sagittarius —Dog Mice Man—There is a friend, a man, who keeps asking for resources, your time, your expertise, your money or your help and it has been ongoing. I feel that this friend is self-involved and this will continue until you put your foot down. Mice illustrates someone who is taking something from you, eating at something and it is not a fair exchange. You can help a couple of times but if it seems overwhelmingly that your relationship has a price tag that you keep paying, it may be time to rethink this connection.

Capricorn —House Clouds Stork—Are you thinking about moving? This spread seems to indicate that things are not hunky dory in your physical house, there could be problems with the house itself, troubling neighbors or the dynamics in the house are not working for you. They do not feel like they will correct on their own. The Stork is clear guidance that moving to somewhere new might be in your best interest. If you are unable to move, then it can indicate a troubled month in your home and try to spend as much time out of it until the energy shifts.

Aquarius —Lilies Clouds Book—This spread feels like you have been toeing the line either at work or in your home, but perhaps it’s time to start rocking the boat a little. I feel that someone who is conservative (older family member or boss for example) and has some influence over you continues to exert power by intentionally not letting you in on relevant information. You have been playing the good girl or boy in the attempt to be nice or to gain what you need but it’s not working out in your favor. Be the squeaky wheel.

Pisces —Stars Heart Path—If you are single, there may be more than one romantic opportunity for you via online or a dating website. If you are in a new relationship it looks like this month means that it will only deepen and there may be a conversation about next steps. Finally, if you are in a relationship there may be a need to reinvigorate it by cultivating some romance and possibly a getaway weekend.

Aries — Bouquet Fox House—Are you thinking of adopting a pet? If not pet adoption then a furry one may find its way to you! Alternatively, this could mean work opportunities coming to you that allow you to work from home more, or have a business from home. This run of cards indicate positive new things coming into the home this month, in the form of work or an animal.

Wisdom’s monthly Tarotscope is brought to you by Jenna Matlin of Queen of Wands Tarot. Each month, Jenna pulls cards for every Astrological sign to zero in on the main focus or theme of that month. If you would like a more detailed reading by Jenna, you can check her out at www.queenofwandstarot.net Jenna has been reading Tarot for over 20 years, has various articles published with Tarot trade magazines, runs the Not Your Mother’s Tarot Meetup Group in Narberth, pa as well as teaches workshops on reading Tarot and using Tarot as a tool for self-discovery.

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