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by Alicja Bialasiewicz

Let’s speak of abundance and the many ways that abundance comes to you in this life time. Many lifetimes ago abundance had many meanings, at times it was enough to eat or to have a place to sleep. Today, what does abundance mean to you, the human travelling on a path of healing the self and healing others? From our perspective, abundance is having enough at each step of your healing journey. Enough time, enough money and enough food to sustain the energy of your body. As your need for more expansion arises, your need for abundance will also increase. It is a ratio of need vs. expansion. The more you need, the more expansion happens and the more healing you offer to the self and others, the more opportunities are presented to you. It is a continual process of self-growth, soul advancement and of always having exactly what we need for each step of our journey.

We watch many of you seek wealth and abundance and we applaud your reaching into your own vortex of wanting. We also watch many of you solely focus on attaining such wealth and abundance, attempting to bypass self-healing and self- growth. It cannot happen that way. As you and your soul experiences the expansion that you have come here to achieve, the expansion in turn will set in motion the abundance necessary for your soul to expand. It is a cycle, a cycle of growth. One cannot be accomplished without the other.

For a moment now, close your eyes and ask yourself what does abundance truly mean to you? Each and every one of you will define abundance based upon where you are now on this journey. For the one ill with dis-ease, your abundance is perfect health. The one that has suffered a great loss, your abundance is peace. The one with loss of financial freedom, you yearn for the ability to pay your bills. What does abundance mean to you at this time in your life? Please take a moment and write down your answers, as that is the guide post for your next step on your journey. What is your deepest desire? What can you do to achieve it? What steps can you take now to bring abundance into your life?

Your soul is ready for the expansion of your abundance and awaits your next step towards it. Your abundance is truly ready and waiting. Are you willing to let go of fear and take your next step? There really isn’t any other way around it, except for taking your next and your next and your next step on your path of healing. You will always have enough as you take each step towards the expansion of your soul. The universe has no choice but to expand with you as much as you are willing to allow your expansion.

We remain with you always during your process of expansion. As you expand, so do we. As above, so below. Trust in the process of expansion, allow for change to guide you to your next step. Do not fight and resist change, allow and be centered in peace, knowing that you will always have all of the ingredients necessary for your soul’s expansion, for your life purpose and for the healing of the self and of others. Your expansion is truly unlimited, as are your dreams and visions. You are the only component of the expansion process that either allows the expansion of your soul or constricts it with fear. Your current desire is the next step for you to take to bring expansion (abundance) into your life.

We rejoice to be with you upon your journey of abundance and expansion. Your abundance is every new opportunity, every person on your path that helps you towards the next step.

There is much love here for you – Alicja Bialasiewicz and TWB (The White Brotherhood)

Alicja Bialasiewicz RN, ATP® Alicja's journey of healing began in 2005 when The White Brotherhood first contacted her. Since then, she has become an open channel for their Divine healing messages. She is an Angel Therapy Practitioner® having studied and completed her training with Doreen Virtue®. She has also trained in Native American Shamanism. Alicja helps people from all around the world to live the lives they were always meant to live. In addition to her own business, Inner Light Healing, Alicja is a critical care nurse. Contact Alicja for your channeled healing session and gain Clarity Through Channeled Consciousness. www.alicjainnerlight.com Heal your heart, heal your being.

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