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Marconic Recalibration: The Recalibration of Humanity

by Alison David Bird

We are now in the midst of the Ascension process. As we enter increasingly higher bands of frequency, we continue to Shift in resonance with higher vibrations.

It has become clear to us lately that the term Reconnection is inadequate in its description of where we are now. We are undergoing a ‘metamorphosis’ rather than simply an enhanced level of communication.

Spirit says that rapidly intensifying waves of energy that emanate from the black hole, at the center of our Galaxy is deliberately programmed by Divine Intelligence to impact events and affect circumstances on the planet surface to bring about change.

The Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation of Light say, it is now more accurate to call Marconics a RECALIBRATION…, the required UPGRADE for Humanity, as our planet is brought back into line with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy on our return to Galactic Consciousness.

The definition of the word ‘Calibration’ is: "To plan, design or devise carefully so as to have precise use and application of…" in this case, the human body.

In a massive undertaking by Galactic Creator Consciousness we are being re-programmed from our Three Dimensional body blue print to the new Fifth Dimensional Template to be able to safely experience life at a much higher vibrational level within the body hologram.

The human biological vehicle has not served us well in the Third Dimension. It couldn’t even fight off a common cold. Unable to repair itself as was intended in the original blueprint, the body aged and the brain atrophied as the reduced double helix shut off many of the codes that were responsible for regeneration and the suppression of disease. We only use 30% of our Human DNA!

The Axiatonal system of the Fifth Dimensional body template – vibratory lines that connect with resonating star systems – are ready to be Activated to receive and Anchor higher dimensional light frequencies which will trigger transmutations within the cellular, molecular and atomic structures of our being. Another phase of Human Evolution has begun.

As the 12 strand DNA is activated, people are experiencing very real symptoms of transmutation, as we begin to move away from being carbon based beings to being composed of crystalline photonic light cells.

We are noticing disturbances in our visual and auditory senses, sleep patterns, digestive systems, memory, mental focus, motor functions, even experiencing what Spirit calls: ‘under construction headaches’. These symptoms will worsen for those who cannot properly assimilate Higher Light.

MARCONIC RECALIBRATION and the Marconic ‘No-Touch’ Healing Protocol have been handed down by Spirit to assist us on our journey through the Ascension process by accelerating these changes and keeping us ahead of the Wave.

Adjusting to increasing quotients of Light information and assimilating these waves of higher frequencies as we raise our vibration will prevent systemic crash - a sort of ‘frying’ of our inferior circuitry.

For more information: www.marconics.com

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