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AMMA in Marlborough, MA June 27, 28 & 29

"Where there is love, everything is effortless."

She has been likened to Mother Teresa and Mohandas Gandhi by Reuters, and named as one of the twelve most influential religious leaders in the world by CBS TV in its Primetime Special, "In God’s Name". Hundreds of thousands of people flock to see her both in India and all over the world, including in New England. And yet, this humble 60-year-old from Kerala, dressed in a simple white sari, has only one concern – uplifting the suffering of humanity. Known simply as Amma or Mother, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi has been dubbed the "Hugging Saint" by the international press for her unique practice of receiving each person who comes to see her with a loving embrace.

"I am immersed in a sea of divine love with a living saint, Amma. There are no words to describe the inner glow I felt as I was held, hugged and loved by this celestial being who walks among us. I sat next to her for over an hour observing her embracing hundreds of people, and I will forever feel the inner glow." ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

Amma has hugged more than 32 million people in 20 countries around the world. When asked where she gets the energy to embrace so many people while simultaneously building and running a world-wide humanitarian movement, Amma says simply, "Where there is Love, everything is effortless".

"Amma presents the kind of leadership we need for our planet to survive. This is the most heroic person I’ve probably ever met." ~ Alice Walker, Pulitzer Prize Winner

Amma is creating a $2 million U.S. relief-and-rehabilitation package for victims of the massive typhoon Haiyan that hit the Philippines last year. In 2011, Amma announced a donation of $1 million U.S. towards the relief and rehabilitation of Japanese disaster victims, particularly for the education of children who lost both their parents in the devastating tsunami.

Amma’s humanitarian projects network, Embracing the World, active in 40 countries, has developed a reputation for outstanding disaster-relief work and humanitarian activities. Dr. Steven C. Rockefeller said, "When I think of Amma and her life of devotion and service, I see a shining example for all of us of the spirit, reverence, compassion and care."

Amma will be in New England from June 27th-29th and all are invited to receive a personal blessing. Free programs are on June 27th at 7pm and June 28th & 29th at 10am and 7 pm at the Best Western, 181 Boston Post Road West in Marlborough, MA. Programs include inspirational music, meditation, spiritual discourse, and personal blessings. Devi Bhava, the evening program on June 29th, will be a celebration devoted to world peace.

Numbered tokens for individual blessings are distributed at 8:30am for morning programs,and 5:45pm for evening programs. Devi Bhava tokens are distributed at 5:30pm. Tokens are limited by time constraints.

For program info, visit ammanewengland.org/tour or call 716.226.6223 or email ammanewengland@gmail.com

For more information on Amma’s charities visit www.embracingtheworld.org 

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