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AMMA Visits Philadelphia & New Jersey

In Phila: May 27 & 28, in New Jersey: May 22-25

Sri Karunamayi, venerated in India as a living incarnation of the Divine Mother, will be appearing in Philadelphia, NJ and NY as part of her 2014 USA Tour. Her public programs consist of spiritual discourses, devotional singing, and individual blessings.

"Karunamayi" literally means "compassionate mother," and she is revered by those who know her as the embodiment of serenity, bliss and unconditional love. Karunamayi affectionately welcomes all who approach her as her own children, and is known to her devotees simply as "Amma" (the name for "mother" in Karunamayi’s native language, Telugu).

Before Amma’s birth, the revered saint Ramana Maharshi told her mother that she would give birth to the Divine Mother. Several years later, while praying in a temple dedicated to the Divine Mother, Karunamayi’s mother was graced with a vision in which she saw Devi, the Divine Mother, enter her body in the form of a dazzling light. One year later, Karunamayi was born on Vijayadashami, the most auspicious day in the Hindu year.

In her childhood, Amma delighted those around her with her intuitive understanding of holy scriptures and her deeply compassionate nature. At the age of twenty she withdrew to a sacred forest in southern India (where a number of India’s ancient sages had meditated for many hundreds of years) and meditated in silence for ten years on behalf of all humanity. When she emerged from this period of silence, she began her mission of universal peace and spiritual upliftment of mankind.

Today, Amma has thousands of devotees both in India and abroad. The mere sight of her seems to melt people’s hearts, and she wins each one over with the radiance of her smile and her deeply compassionate glance. She extends her motherly love to all who seek it.

Amma’s organization provides Free meals at shelter homes, Free Medical camps/health screens for all - especially targeted for un-insured and under-insured, arranging blood drives, Clothing drive, at shelter homes and for veterans, Nature and wildlife conservation initiatives and other outreach efforts through volunteer-based hubs in North America and throughout the world.

Amma’s organization has collaborations setup with the state governments of NJ, NY, CA, and WA states to provide Free Medical camps that offer Free Cancer screening and case-management of Breast, Cervical, Colorectal and Prostrate Cancer. Additionally, Amma’s Free medical camps are so comprehensive that they help the un-insured and under-insured get a screen on Diabetes, Psychiatry related issues surrounding depression, Free eye examination, Mammograms, Dentistry, Free hands-on CPR training to educate people on how to save a live in the event of someone having a stroke, Gynecology, and much more.

Amma has said that she has not come as a guru, but rather as a loving mother who wishes to provide spiritual sustenance to her children in their quest for self-realization.

Homa: Amma herself will perform these powerful & uplifting fire ceremonies for universal peace & welfare.

For more information, please visit the website at www.Karunamayi.org  

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