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Being Imperfect in an Imperfect World

by Arthur Gutkin

My duty as a hypnotherapist is not just performing hypnosis but is creating a state of mind in advance of the session which best allows the hypnosis to be fully integrated in both the conscience and in the deeper regions of the mind.

Many of my clients consult me seeking an answer to their feeling that they do not fit in this world. They lack self-confidence; lack motivation to continue in their daily activities; and, often times, feel that the perfect life is beyond any expectation in their lifetime.

Although in my hypnotherapy practice, hypnosis sessions resolve the issues that my clients present, there are those who have doubt locked deep within their minds which seeps through the hypnosis sessions. Many clients benefit from hypnosis alone but the few that regress cannot let go of their inner doubts.

I was then confronted with finding a solution for those who only experience temporary results without going through additional hypnosis sessions. One day, while sitting with a client, the client stated that he wanted to be perfect. He wanted a life free of criticism; free of self-doubt; and free of doubts that prevent him from finding a life partner

And then a realization struck me: we are all imperfect in an imperfect world. Perfection cannot happen and the more you seek perfection, the farther away perfection appears. Thereby creating greater self-doubt and all those gremlins that dwell deeply in our mind’s dark recesses.

Since that enlightening experience, I have successfully made clients both realize and adopt a new approach to life.

That approach is simple: we are all imperfect in an imperfect world and in this world we can all exist with happiness and acceptance of ourselves and others.

If we view this world as a jigsaw puzzle with each of us as pieces of that jigsaw puzzle, we need to find where we fit PERFECTLY in this imperfect world. I view perfect as a square with everything sharp and where all the square pieces fit no matter where you place them. No jigsaw puzzle that I ever saw had all the pieces shaped as squares.

One interesting aspect of doing jigsaw puzzles involves the time the player uses to find that intriguing piece that just doesn’t seem to fit. We force pieces into spots where they do not belong and we become increasingly frustrated with our failure to succeed. Once we find that spot for that elusive piece, we experience a feeling of relief and satisfaction.

And so it is in life. When we realize our imperfections and find the space in the puzzle where we fit and that all other people are imperfect as well, we find relief and satisfaction within ourselves.

Art Gutkin, a Certified Hypnotist, also trained with the Past President of the Newton Institute and received a certification as a Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist. Art is a Professional Member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapist (IACT). Art pioneered an innovative hypnosis technique incorporating Past Life Regression and Hands-on Healing to alleviate emotional issues during the fetal stage. In addition to Hypnosis, Art lays Hands for conditions ranging from chronic pain to Cancer. Art’s most unique gift includes the ability to experience his clients’ lives from conception through the formative years to find the cause of his clients’ issues. 215-740-0766, www.sghealing2012@gmail.com , www.medintuitive.com  

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