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The Magical World of Numbers: June - The Love Vibration

by Elizabeth Summers

Love is in the air as we enjoy the energy of June, the sixth month of the calendar year. The Number Six equates to the Lovers card in Tarot but before we all get excited, this Number also represents responsibility to ourselves and all our relationships.

More marriages occur in June than any other month of the year. The blessings of Venus, astrologically the Number Six, moves in touching off the heart chakra. We find ourselves thinking more about beautification, home décor, entertaining and cooking. The Number Six is a very domestic energy.

A person, whose birthday number is six or adds to a six, has a home-loving, family focus temperament and personality. Care must be taken, however, that it stays in balance and does not become “smother love”. Temperaments adding to Numbers 1, 5 or 7 don’t always appreciate all the emotional attention the Number Six showers to them.

When it comes to marriages, idealism about one’s partner can cause the problems. Number Six souls are big on “shoulds” imposing these expectations on whomever they are involved with bringing frequent disappointments to their high standards. Unfortunately, the Number Six can become a sacrificial lamb in attempting to keep everybody happy in family life and surroundings.

The Number Six represents the letters F, O, and X in a birth name. In a Numerology chart, when no letter from the birth name has the value of Number Six, souls will frequently be single parents needing to care for children or aged parents the reason being that this was not a free-will choice in previous incarnations. Caution must also be taken that they do not draw to themselves “fixer-uppers” in relationships who just might be looking for “mother energy” to take care of them, too!

Community projects, teaching, care for animals all will be done with the energy of love by the Number Six folks.

Known as one of the money Numbers, the finances will flow in as long as businesses are service oriented businesses with humanity in mind.

Health issues may arise during a lifetime as the sense of self-sacrifice, the burdens of too much responsibility, duty and concern for others seems to deplete the energy fields and thus the physical body of anyone influenced by the Number Six.

To love and be loved is the deepest desire of Number Six. Needing approval, praise and appreciation are essential for Number Six to be happy. Whether this Number code is determined from the addition of the month, day, year of birth, the energies of the vowels and consonants found in the birth name or simplistically, the day one is born, the Number Six vibration is about love. As an incredible giver in life to others, the biggest lesson to learn for Number Six is to receive love from others with no guilt or remorse.

For a personal reading with Elizabeth Summers, go to: www.ElizabethSummers.com

Esoteric Numerologer Elizabeth Summers is adept at combining Numerology, an ancient system of codes based on the Pythagorean System, today known as Western Numerology. In addition, combining Astrology, the ancient Chaldean Numerology codes with the Quabala interpretations of the Tarot, Elizabeth Summers adds depth of interpretation to all her personal readings. Decoding an individual’s temperament and personality, their attitude towards life, emotional reactions, best career choices, deepest desires, and their general lifetime issues are empowering encouraging a successful human experience.

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