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The Healing Power of Magic Words

by Jill Mattson

If everyone stopped talking, our personal energy would drop. Our voice creates vibrational energy – with great subtle influence on us! Ancient people knew the power in sounds and words - not from the word’s meaning, but from its sounds. The power is soft and subtle, but ever influencing us.

Ancient Egyptians drank water, energized with words and sounds for healing benefits. Today Masaru Emoto publishes pictures books revealing the impact of words on freezing water crystals. Beautiful shapes in the water crystals are created by kind and loving words. The sound of word, shapes of the letters and one’s intent subtly changes matter. This concept is grasped better your experience. Try this incredible exercise! Hold a glass of water, intending to send beautiful energy to the water. Take four breaths through your nose and exhale from your mouth directed at the water, making a “ha” sound. Next take four normal breaths, then four deep “ha” breaths. The deep ha breaths pass energy to the water and the normal ones keep you from getting light headed. The water may start to bubble and turn pale blue. It will taste better than water that did not receive the sound blessing.

Sound changes us far more than we are aware. Historian Schwaller de Lubicz[1] discovered that in rituals, the ancient Egyptians used “sound formulas” – not comprised of words nor meanings, but… “Sacred or magical language is not understood with definite meanings... the excitation of nervous centers cause physiological effects evoked by the utterance of certain letters or words which make no sense in themselves.”[2] Magic words are more a subtle science than capricious child’s play.

Ancient people selected words for their subtle impact on the physical body! Once that was determined, the dosage (number of times that you would listen to something) would be set. Confirming this, an ancient Egyptian named Asklepios said in a letter to King Amman, “As for us, we do not use simple words but sounds all filled with power.”[3] In another ancient Egypt example, a form of vocal music, called layali, repeated the syllables, ya, leal and einy.[4] This was believed to uplift and spiritualize the soul. Try it! It is a beautiful practice!

Language sounds have been used as subtle energy healing power for the body, mind and soul. For example, the Taoists from ancient China wrote that:
* Ssss helps the lunges
* Who is for kidneys
* Sshhh is for liver
* Haw is for heart
* Woo is for spleen

Other languages and cultures linked sounds with very specific healing benefits! "Hu" is the mystical Sufi's sacred sound... "Hu" creates a burning sensation in one's head if you say it over and over. “Ha,” also begins with H, stimulating glands, especially the thymus. Today, the medical society confirms that laughter sounds (“ha, ha” sounds) boosts the immune system.

As you speak, pay attention to where sounds resonate in your body. Which sounds are enjoyable, making you lighter and feeling better? Who would have ever imagined that we have such a powerful force – hidden within our very selves…..our voice.

Jill Mattson is a soundhealing author and composer. She offers free Enchanting Music with Fibonacci tones (proportions found in humans, flowers etc) and 18 Solfeggio healing tones. Star Frequencies are converted into twinkling tones! Delightful Flower Music – embedded with frequencies of flowers, clear negative emotions & build positive feelings! Half hour of free sound healing music at www.JillsWingsOfLight.com, middle of home page.

[1] R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz in his book, ‘Sacred Science.’ In this quote he refers to the Corpus Hermeticum.

[2] www.cymascope.com/Egypt

[3] Cymascope.com from John Reid.

[4] Gadalla, Moustafa. Egyptian Rhythm: The Heavenly Melodies, Tehuti Research Foundation: Greensboro, N.C., 2002, Pg. 164.

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