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Excerpt from "The Wisdom Keys: A Channeler’s Quest Reveals Four Steps to Your Highest Self"

Keys of Consciousness for the First World View

by Judi Thomases

What if life were really a game that you were playing and didn’t realize it?

What if you had once known, but had since completely forgotten, the object of this game and the rules of engagement?

Your life is a spiritual game. It is all designed. However, you can change it. You are the designer of your game plan. You designed it to have some challenges and to follow your passions. You designed it so that you would be born at exactly the right moment when certain energy patterns would be in effect, which would allow a measure of potential to arise and a degree of challenge to be faced.

There’s a way to play this soul’s wisdom game and wake up within it. At The First Worldview, the whole point of existence is to figure out how life works, how to get needs and desires met, and how to get happier and more fulfilled as you go along. Some choices work well, and some do not. This is the soul’s wisdom game you’ve always been playing.

The parts you need to grasp to play better are: Who You Are, Why You Are Here, and What Is The Soul’s Wisdom Game That You Came to Play.

Welcome to your Wisdom Game! You have stepped on stage and can now look at yourself as both the actor and the director.

Your Personal Energy Pattern

What is your Personal Energy Pattern? It is a unique blueprint of mathematical (energetic) combinations that’s revealed at the time of your birth. The pattern contains both harmonious and discordant patterns, some of which allow energy to flow easily and some of which cause energy blockages. It is a map of your core wisdom game plan.

Everyone plays The Wisdom Game to the same basic end - the goal of which is to gain wisdom by expressing energy as your unique pattern and to uncover what there is to discover about the value and the experience of the journey. But there are as many ways to play the soul’s wisdom game as there are an infinite number of possibilities around which energy patterns can form. So the same game is played in order to express unique harmonic or mathematical patterns.

People choose patterns that may be more or less harmonious, more or less challenging, and with harder or easier parameters. We call this luck or bad luck. We see it as an accident or a random throw of the dice, but in fact it’s self-designed to make use of existing threads that have already been sent forth and formed in order to put a life together based on returning actions. In other words, as karma and karmic possibilities. We also play the soul’s wisdom game to accomplish a self-chosen task or reach a self-chosen agenda. These goals are given to us by no one other than ourselves in the formation of the soul’s wisdom game plan, the life plan.

Everyone has different motivations or passions, which reside in the soul as the dream. Playing the soul’s wisdom game well helps to alleviate the obstacles faster, get closer to the potential or realization sooner to bring about the creative possibilities that are inherent in the mathematical pattern. (Another word for which is your personality.) The personality is a blending of chosen talents and chosen challenges. In other words a mixture of karmic threads from the past. Did you choose your parents? Why are you who you are? What brought you to Earth, and what are you wanting? Yes, of course, your parents conceived you and you were born - on a certain day, hour and place. But there's more to it. You know this because you remember or recognize certain things that are familiar to you even though you've never encountered them, and other things that are distasteful to you even though you have no reason for that. And so, if you stop and think about it, you have a familiarity with life that is self-apparent and need not be proven scientifically.

By waking up to this and not just being carried along “willy-nilly” and by seeing the plan and identifying its components, the individual awakens, sees what needs to be done, understands how best to operate within it and applies techniques whenever necessary to unblock energy, release passion and realign thoughts. There are general perceptions to understand and there are specific ideas to grasp.

Your Personal Energy Pattern not only reveals your basic makeup but also an overall agenda, or soul purpose, to pursue and accomplish. It’s great to be in control of your P.E.P. because by figuring it out, you gain empowerment and reach your goals more easily, at the same time you find calm and joy sooner.

“The Wisdom Keys: A Channeler’s Quest Reveals Four Steps to Your Highest Self”
by Judi Thomases is available in hardcover, softcover and e-book from Balboa Press (www.BalboaPress.com)

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