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Excerpt from "Energy Healing: A Path to Wholeness and Awakening"

by Brett Bevell

A healing transmission of Light of the Eternal One has been sent across time and space to all who read this. Please know that in reading any part, you are engaging this blissful and sometimes euphoric light called Light of the Eternal One.

Energy healing is for everyone because it is inexpensive, universal, and unlimited. It can effect positive change for anyone on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. It can release stress, or—as Chinese medicine has known for centuries through acupuncture—restore vitality and balance to organs and systems of the body. It can be used to clear negativity from a situation, as often taught in the very popular form of energy healing known as Reiki. There are even some energy healing modalities that can address karmic conditioning from past lives, allowing one to move beyond cycles of dysfunction and disease in ways that modern medicine and modern psychology cannot touch.

We are all made of energy. Einstein knew this when writing his famous formula E=MC2, which in layman’s terms simply says that everything is made of energy, even matter, which is simply energy in its most dense form. If everything is made of energy, including us, then everyone has the ability to be an energy healer and use energy healing to improve their daily lives.

I have great respect for the various forms of energy healing now available to all of humanity, and have dedicated my adult life to the study and research of many of these forms. Yet there is one form that is relatively unknown and has its roots in the first few lines of the Bible, where God spoke the universe into existence saying: Let there be light! This form of energy healing, much like Einstein’s formula E=MC2, relies on the basic fundamental principle that everything is made of light/energy. Yet this form of energy healing takes Einstein’s formula one step further, by remembering that that light from which all creation is made comes from the Divine. This form of energy healing is called Light of the Eternal One.

Light of the Eternal One accesses the Divine energy field that is the basis for all creation. It is that fundamental light from which all things arise. The secret for accessing this light was revealed to me during a series of profound mystical experiences I had over a period of months during 2007. At that time in my life I had visions of complex mathematical equations that were beyond my ability to rationally comprehend, but which when contemplating them would open me to a euphoric sense of the eternity in all things. I felt guided by ascended masters, angels, directed by the prophet Ezekiel to rediscover what I was told was an ancient Essene energy healing practice called Light of the Eternal One.

The Essenes were a mystical, egalitarian, peace-oriented sect of Judaism that believed in the concept of a Mother/Father God. They existed during the time of Christ, and some psychics such as the late Edgar Cayce claim that Jesus, Mary, and her husband Joseph were Essenes. Some also attribute the writings of the Dead Sea Scrolls to the Essenes.

Light of the Eternal One is energy healing for everyone. It has one primary hand position and is very easy to learn, as well as easy to teach and share with others. It works to promote a sense of inner peace, calm, and sometimes euphoria by dissolving those parts of human consciousness that keep us feeling separate and isolated from the Divine. By bridging our awareness back to a place of knowing we are one with the Divine, one with God, Light of the Eternal One restores us to our true sense of self, a place of spiritual sanity. And when living from this place of spiritual sanity, the deeper roots of our suffering and illness vanish. That is because these roots always exist in the illusion that we are not one with the Divine.

If you make a daily practice of using Light of the Eternal One on yourself, it is like bathing your mind in a light that continuously reminds you of your connection to the Divine. Anxieties, fears, and unwanted emotions will begin to fall away and be replaced by a sense of wholeness. You will be shown how to bless friends and family with this light, how to send this light distantly to others and to improve all aspects of your life, and how to teach Light of the Eternal One to everyone you may wish to share it with. For most, Light of the Eternal One is an extremely simple, powerful, and user-friendly form of energy healing that works to deepen our sense of wholeness and well-being by deepening our connection to the Divine. And for some, Light of the Eternal One can actually lead them to a place of spiritual awakening, where that sense of oneness with the Divine is continuous, never-ending, pervading one’s consciousness without end.

There are many forms of Divine light that are now available to humanity, and though these lights all come from the same Divine source, each carries a slightly different vibration and function. I often use the analogy of these lights being part of a rainbow. The source of a rainbow’s light is always the sun, and yet each band of light that exists in that rainbow is different, and each can impact our consciousness in different ways. Just as the colors blue and red both exist in the rainbow, they are still distinctively separate bands of light. Red has a more energizing quality and blue is more relaxing. And yet, as part of the rainbow, the source of both red and blue is the light of the sun.

Light of the Eternal One is simply one of these many lights from the Divine. It is one that is simple and easy to learn, and therefore will appeal to a great number of people.

Reprinted here from Energy Healing: A Path to Wholeness and Awakening, August 2014 by Brett Bevell by permission of Monkfish Book Publishing Company, Rhinebeck, NY.

Brett Bevell is the author of Reiki for Spiritual Healing, The Reiki Magic Guide To Self Attunement and New Reiki Software for Divine Living. Brett is also the author of the illustrated poetry books America Needs a Woman President and America Needs a Buddhist President, a poem that originally aired on NPR’s All Things Considered.

Brett lives in upstate New York and teaches at Omega Institute as both a workshop presenter and weekly facilitator.

Learn more about Brett at: www.brettbevell.com, www.americaneedsabuddhistpresident.com, www.americaneedsawomanpresident.com, and www.magicalawakening.org.

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