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Eastern Wisdom: How to be Successful in Life

by Anusha Wijeyakumar

There have been moments in our lives where divine intervention has saved us from sure near disaster! Times where we were trying to force our lives down a path that was not meant for us. It was often by powers higher than ourselves that we were saved from making poor choices. Ganesha the elephant faced deity is the Hindu Lord of success, destroyer of evils and remover of obstacles. Ganesha is one of the most important Gods in the Hindu pantheon and all acts start off by invoking his name. It is said that devotees of Lord Ganesha are protected by him; he will never lead his devotees astray but is always there to steady their minds and guide them down the right path.

Faith is a powerful tool in overcoming obstacles to success in your life. Whatever your beliefs may be ensure that you remain steadfast and hold strong to them at times of difficulty in your life. Use your faith as a way to dig yourself out of the well of despair. We have all needed the wisdom and help of a higher power at some point in our lives. Symbolically Ganesha is often depicted as having a goad in his upper right hand, which is said, helps him to propel mankind forward on their soul’s journey and remove obstacles from their path or place obstacles in their way if his devotees are not fulfilling their true purpose. The noose in Ganesha's left hand is a gentle implement to capture all difficulties and aid the person down the right path in their life.

We all have an inner yearning to be successful in life. It is that inner voice that talks to us constantly but we rarely learn how to tune out the constant chatter of our daily thoughts, fears and anxieties that often drowns out that voice or listen to the vital messages it has for us each day. Tuning into your root chakra is a great first step in this process. Muladhara the first chakra also known as the root chakra is located at the base of the spine and the color associated with it is red which symbolizes earth, energy and vitality. If this chakra is unbalanced it can cause instability and a feeling of unease in ones life.

Muladhara chakra forms the basis of your spiritual development and is also thought to be the seat of your personal destiny. The sound associated with this chakra is LAM, also thought to be the sound of spiritual awakening. This sound releases tensions and removes blockages in this Chakra and activates its energy. One can start by repeating this sound three times before they start their meditation practice and visualize the color red in the base of the spine area. One can also repeat a personal mantra such as “I am grounded, I am rooted, I am safe to be me” Thus the process of freeing your limitations and awakening the latent powers within, raising them into consciousness can begin.

One may ask what does it mean to be successful in life? Does it mean being successful at our jobs, or in our relationships with partners, family and friends? Does it mean having an abundance of material possessions? Success will have different meanings to each individual and the goal is to find out what success means to you in this life. Success in Hinduism means having a deeper understanding of your souls true purpose in this life and following this path with focused determination and single-pointed concentration.

How do we figure out what our true path is in life? It is by nurturing good qualities in ourselves and holding steadfastly to these qualities in times of trouble and strife. Single pointed concentration can be developed by the power of ancient Eastern practices such as prayer, chanting, meditation and yoga. Delving within and utilizing the wisdom detailed in many ancient scriptures can also develop mindfulness. Paramahansa Yogananda talks of being magnetic of spirit to be truly successful. Part of this magnetism comes from being healthy in mind, body and spirit. What we feed ourselves both mentally and physically nourishes our soul and if we fill our bodies with toxins and poisons we will suffer the consequences of a disturbed mind and troubled spirit.

Another key element to successful people is that they are organized and manage their time effectively. One must also have an organized approach to achieving their goals, making a to do list whether daily, weekly or monthly helps in prioritizing your goals. It also helps to make your goal setting realistic, achievable and measurable especially if they are long-term goals to ensure that you do not get disheartened and give up half way. People that have found the fruit of success give 100 percent to all that they are engaged in and never admit defeat, but retain a true sense of self-belief even in the face of adversity. These simple yet effective nuances are the main differentiators between those who are successful and those who are not. Maintaining our own identity and belief in ourselves is paramount to being content no matter the transitory nature of life.

Believe in yourself with unwavering faith and give 100 percent to all that you do. Be courageous and go forward on your path towards achieving your dreams and goals. Success is often at our fingertips, we just need to tap into the innate power within ourselves to realize this truth. One must let the power within the Muladhara chakra unleash itself to attract a higher state of consciousness. Be like a magnet to draw your soul’s purpose outward, connecting and communing with your Sahasrara chakra (crown chakra) or highest self, the seat of your inner power, wisdom and life force from the creator to achieve lasting success in all of your endeavors.

Anusha Wijeyakumar is a certified and dedicated Life Coach and the founder of Shanti Within Holistic Life Coaching. Anusha has many years experience of coaching people across the USA, Canada and the UK. Anusha combines her Hindu upbringing and powerful spiritual background alongside her professional business experience, to create a tailored program of assisting her clients towards achieving their personal dreams and goals in life. For more details please visit www.shantiwithin.com

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