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Morning Rituals

by Priscilla Selgas

How do you begin your day? From the moment our feet touch the floor in the early morning, we are reminded of our daily tasks and all the responsibilities that come with it. Before we begin our daily routine, we start the day with a morning ritual. Is there something you enjoy practicing each and every day? A daily performance you rehearse like a beautiful mantra. We all have one and we all have our own individual way of doing it. It could be as simple as stretching in bed in the morning to feel and savor every vertebra in our spine deliciously crack! Or something more vigorous like jogging a mile first thing in the morning before the sun comes up. Perhaps it begins when your spouse leaves for work and your children have finally gone to school. It’s in that moment you say, “Ahhhhhh! Do you hear that? Silence.” A morning ritual is our very own unique way of greeting the world.

For millions, it’s a simple cup of coffee. The smell of the warm aroma that fills your kitchen and the way it warms your hands on a cold wintry day. Ask yourself, what do you really look forward to each and every day? Without knowing it or having it explained to you, we have all developed our own rituals. It’s a moment in time when we are fully aware and present.

Meditate with gratitude: Reflect and meditate on the things you are most thankful for. Family, real friends, good health, your talents, faith, love, music, freedom and life.

A walk through the woods: Regular strolls through wooded areas or along a river have many restorative effects. We inhale fresh air, observe the morning dew and hear the gentle orchestra of birds. The outdoors can instill calmness, lower blood pressure and reduces stress.

A ride on your motorcycle: Wind therapy is a spectacular way to start the day! Riding through your favorite scenic route gives you time alone to think and absorb the outside world.

Yoga: Yoga improves flexibility, strengthens muscles, improves balance and calms the mind.

A cup of warm brew: Whether its tea or coffee, millions across the world begin their morning rituals with a cup of warm brew. It awakens the mind and warms the soul.

Watching the sunrise: Greet the day with a awe-inspiring sunrise. Find a quiet spot to sit and relax. Perhaps it’s on the beach, a mountain top or your own backyard. Soak in the colors, its warmth and the endless possibilities of the new day.

A morning jog: The sound of your feet hitting the pavement, your lungs filling with air as your eyes focus on what’s ahead. Jogging is the perfect way to get into ourselves. To silence over active thinking. In this rhythmic, meditative state, we concentrate on breath, release endorphins and alleviate stress.

A quiet sail : Whether its kayaking or canoeing, the peaceful, zen-like, meditative surroundings of water is a great way to connect with the natural world. In that moment of solitude, the only sound is breath and the paddle gently sweeping through water.

Massage: Therapeutic bodywork increases circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system and relieves stress. Bodywork before work will have you feeling energized throughout the day.

Reading a newspaper: Many like to begin their day with the morning paper. Reading keeps the mind sharp, broadens vocabulary and enhances imagination and visualization.

Breakfast: The most important meal of the day is an opportunity to nourish ourselves, to sit down and eat with loved ones, as well as improving concentration at school and work.

All of these things equate to one thing. Quiet time. In that quiet time we are able to set aside the day’s anxieties so we can clearly think and focus. For many, it’s a time when our most creative thought processes manifest themselves. We focus on breath, our senses and most importantly, ourselves.

So ask yourself, what morning ritual do you really look forward to every day?

Priscilla Selgas is a Licensed Massage Therapist in New Jersey and Florida. Her work

includes backstage care at some of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania’s top rock venues and arenas providing therapeutic bodywork for bands and musicians. She is a freelance writer and currently teaches at a Massage school in Miami. Connect at PennedbyPriscilla@gmail.com

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