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The Tibetan Master on Healing

by Marguerite dar Boggia

The Ascended Tibetan Master, Djwahl Kuhl took his 5th major initiation in 1875. He has written over 20 books through Alice A. Bailey, using mental telepathy with her. (One of the books is “A Treatise on Cosmic Fire” which book was on Albert Einstein’s desk). He also helped Madame Blavatsky with her book “The Secret Doctrine.”

In Esoteric Healing, he says that in his opinion the greatest cause of disease is separativeness. By that he means that we do not realize that our soul is one with the Oversoul. On the subtle levels of consciousness, such as the etheric plane (where we and animals sometimes see ghosts) our subtle etheric body is one with the etheric body of the earth.1

In "Light on the Path", by Mable Collins, the Master Hilarion says: “Kill out all sense of separateness. Do not fancy you can stand aside from the bad man. He is yourself, though in a less degree than your friend or your Master. But if you allow the idea of separateness from any evil thing or person to grow up within you, by doing so you create karma which will bind you to that thing or person till your soul recognizes that it cannot be isolated. Remember that the sin and shame of the world are your sin and shame, for you are part of it.” 2

We consciously and unconsciously create thoughtforms that bind the soul. All ism’s bind the soul: fundamentalism, commercialism, patriotism, politicism, communism, fascism, etc. Humanity through the ages, has created a miasmic ugly fog that affects not only our immune system, but causes tornados, storms, earthquakes, etc. We ourselves will have to disburse this fog through thought and sound, when we become disciples. Bombs and wars especially disturb the ecosystem. When the race develops right emotional control, we shall see disease diminishing. We have to realize that all life is part of the Whole. Science now realizes this. With elimination of criticism (even mentally) substituting it with a smile and love to our associates, employer, family and others, our health improves. Love and good-will are basic to good health.

If we see injustice, that does not mean that we should be complacent. We have the right to take action to the best of our ability; but to do it without anger. The reasoning mind must control the emotions. This is the next challenge for advanced humanity. It ain’t easy.

We have in store for us the greatest blessing. Every 2000 years or so the Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy comes to inaugurate the New Age. He is known by many names: the Messiah, the Christ, the Imam Madhi, Krishna and the Buddhists know His personal name: the Lord Maitreya. He was behind Gorbachev to establish a better relationship with the West. He is here now, but the Forces of Materialism and greed control the media. They have the money and control the politicians and governments. Before we can have the golden age where the free energy as found by Nikola Tesla can be developed, wars must end, otherwise we will destroy the planet. The choice is up to us.

If anyone is interested in receiving online “Light on the Path” which is only 4 pages long, contact me; or if anyone is interested in expanding their consciousness, and in receiving a FREE offer of 3 pages weekly online of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, as was known by Pythagoras, they can contact me through my website www.FreePythagorasTeachings.com

Marguerite dar Boggia presently serves as Membership Secretary of ISAR, (the International Society for Astrological Research). She was past publisher of Kosmos, the ISAR Journal, as well as Secretary & Director of ISAR and UAC, (the United Astrology Congress). She is a co-founder of UAC and served as its Registrar at the first UAC’86. Her goal is to cooperate with the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet and to work for and to serve humanity. She offers online FREE, three pages weekly of the Esoteric Studies as was known by Pythagoras. She can be reached at her website: www.FreePythagorasTeachings.com which she created at the age of 90:


1Bailey, Alice A. Esoteric Healing Lucis Publishing Co. New York, 1925 P. 3

2Collins, Mabel, Light on the Path, Theosophical University Press 1886 P. 1.

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