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Excerpt from "Tuning the Human Biofield"

Chapter 7: The Anatomy of the Biofield - Using the Chakras and the Biofield in Sound Healing

by Eileen Day McKusick

We will now go through the biofield anatomy in depth, starting at the feet and working our way up. In each section we will explore what I find in both the front and back of the body. Information found at the outer edge of the biofield--around five feet on most people--relates to gestation, birth, and early childhood. Information found close to the body is current or more recent. All other years fall in between, like rings in a tree. As we generate the information it moves away from us. The fields of adults and children are about the same size, but the rings get smaller as we get older.

Each side of each chakra is like a file drawer record of a specific emotion or state of mind, and we energize different parts of our bioplasmic body depending on what we think, feel, and experience. When we routinely spend a lot of time in a particular state of mind, for example guilt-driven overdoing (right hip), we create an imbalance in the field that can lead to a breakdown of order, structure, and function in that region. In sound balancing we are able to detect these areas of imbalance because of the resistance present and the way the tone shifts in the tuning fork; and we are able to correct them by gently supporting the energy’s return to the neutral midline down the center of the body while modulating the tonal quality to a more balanced expression.

First Plexus -- Root Chakra

Color: Red
Tuning fork used: UT/C (these are also used on the feet and knees)
Governs: tailbone, relation to ground, legs and feet, hip joints, pelvis
Relates to: home, security, tribe, right livelihood, rootedness, groundedness
Left Imbalance: Not-doing, indolence, thinking about doing but not doing. No rubber on the road--no connection between thoughts and actions.
Right Imbalance: Overly active physically--doing too much. Overly active mentally--thinking too much. Often guilt driven.
Balanced: Thoughts and feelings in accordance with actions, present in the now, high energy level

The left side of the root chakra speaks of things we want to be doing, being, or having, but are not--such as wanting to start one’s own business and thinking about it a lot but not taking any action steps. This would immediately show up off the left side of the body. A past event that leads to imbalance could be something like a child who wanted to be a professional snowboarder and was good enough but lived too far away from a mountain to get there regularly and whose parents were too busy with other things to support this dream. All that energy of desire was experienced inwardly but never manifested outwardly. Energy stuck on this side is like spinning tires, the rubber isn’t getting on the road, there is an inability to move forward toward goals, dreams, and desires.

I often see this circumstance in people who have eating disorders/body-image conflicts. There is a strong inclination to engage in different behavior but an inability to do so due to an inner battle and sense of powerlessness. I recently treated two women in the same day who were suffering from left side sciatic pain, and they had the same energetic imbalance in this area due to an eating disorder.

The right side of the root chakra speaks of being busy but not necessarily doing the things we want to be doing. A person who is very busy will have a lot of resistance around this hip. There is a place about fourteen to eighteen inches off this side of the body that I call “busy mind.” This is something that almost everyone has, except for skilled meditators.

The busy mind shows up as a profound imbalance in the energy body. Johan Boswinkel, founder of the Institute for Applied Biophoton Sciences, calls thinking “a psychological disease.” Most thinking is nonproductive, nonbeneficial looping that involves worry about the future, to-do lists, concern about what other people think, and inner judgment, guilt, and self-criticism. Most contemporary Americans mentally beat themselves up on a regular basis, and while they might extend compassion to the people around them, they seem unable to include themselves in that equation. This, to me, is one of the biggest problems in our culture: people don’t know how to quiet their minds. Minds go and go, a process that removes people from the present moment and wastes a lot of energy.

Just inside the busy mind region is the busy body region, which occupies the distance from the surface of the body to about twelve inches out. This is an area that will be energized if the person is always in motion. People who have a lot of energy in this area are often trying to avoid their feelings, especially sadness. As long as they stay in motion they stay out in front of the feelings, which tend to settle on them when they stop.

I just ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in a while who was limping and using a cane. I asked him about it and he said he needed his right hip replaced. I said, “Ah, the hip of chronic overdoing,” and he said, “Exactly--I’ve been overdoing my whole life.” So here he was, only sixty years old with a worn-out right hip. People who are very busy will often end up with right hip issues, including sciatica and arthritis.

The back of the root chakra relates to our physical home. If there is a lot of static or a diminished tone here, it usually relates to some kind of stress regarding the home: a renovation, clutter, needing but not being able to afford a new roof, an uncomfortable roommate situation, moving. It can also speak of a tailbone injury, which will show up as static even many years after the accident itself.

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Tuning the Human Biofield by Eileen Day McKusick © 2014 Healing Arts Press.
Printed with permission from the publisher Inner Traditions International.


Eileen Day McKusick has researched the effects of audible sound on the human body and its biofield since 1996. She has a master’s degree in integrative education and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in integral health. She teaches privately and at Johnson State College. She maintains a sound therapy practice in Stowe, Vermont.
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