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Eckankar: Spiritual Tools for Mastering Life's Challenges

by Phil Morimitsu

About twenty years ago, there was a TV show called ‘Picket Fences’. It took place in a small town in Wisconsin, and all sorts of quirky things used to happen. In one scene the town sheriff is talking with his deputy.

Sheriff: Do you ever get the feeling sometimes that there’s something really important you’re supposed to do, but you can’t figure out what it is?

Deputy: All the time…

The writers of that show tapped into a profound mystery that lurks in everyman’s consciousness, but is so deeply hidden, most feel it will never be resolved.

 Today, it seems a new kind of religion has emerged: the religion of ‘Busy-ness’. Instead of going to church or synagogue, one attends to their busy-ness. People who aren’t completely busy are seen to not be good followers of the religion and should feel guilty, so they fill every possible moment of their lives with important things to do. But how important are these things, really? Are they that most elusive most important thing like in the Picket Fences scene? We might spend an entire life time being busy, and at the end, realize we missed focusing on the most important thing in our lives, mainly because we  ust didn't know what it was. So what is the most important thing? What are we not doing that haunts us deep down?

Many years ago (even before Picket Fences!), I wondered about the most important thing in my life. At the time I didn’t know what it might be, but I had the feeling that somewhere in the world was someone who did know. I wanted to find these people, to read and study what they knew, but most of all, I wanted to do the things that would help me reveal that secret thing buried deep in my core.

Years later, I finally did find an ancient line of spiritual teachers who taught what I was looking for. The line purportedly included past teachers such as Socrates, Pythagoras, Lai Tsi, Shamus-i-Tabriz, and others throughout history in many ancient cultures such as India, Tibet, Africa as well as from the west. They had left descriptions of this most important thing in life, but most importantly, they left specific techniques of how to access, utilize and track one’s progress on attaining it.

It turns out the keys to revealing the most important thing in life are Light and Sound. This teaching about Light and Sound is not just theory, poetry or dogma. It’s something that is both tangible and abstract. It is of the physical as well as the hidden invisible worlds. It’s something one can utilize and totally immerse oneself in every moment of the day, and even while asleep. Anyone can learn to do it, but like anything worthwhile, it takes focus and daily practice to master. It’s not a quick fix,but if applied properly, will bring results quicker than anything else I’ve found.

You can contact 978-879-9566 for more information, request some free reading material, or join us for our seminar. The theme is Spiritual Tools for Mastering Life’s Challenges where we will share techniques so you too, can discover that really important thing within.

 Phil Morimitsu has been a member of ECKANKAR since 1972.  Following the publication of two books, “In the Company of ECK Masters” and “The Seeker,” he has traveled, given talks, workshops, and various media interviews in over 40 countries spanning five continents.  He is the guest speaker at the Massachusetts Regional Eckankar Seminar, Jan. 30-Feb. 1, 2015, Sheraton Monarch Place in Springfield, MA. For more information: www.eckinmass.org/seminar2015.html


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