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Excerpt from "Co-Creating at Its Best: A Conversation Between Master Teachers"

by Dr. Wayne Dyer & Esther Hicks

The following excerpt is taken from Co-Creating at Its Best: A Conversation Between Master Teachers with Dr. Wayne Dyer and Esther Hicks.  It is published by Hay House (Available Dec.2014) and available at all bookstores or online at: www.hayhouse.com.

 NOTE TO READERS: This book is based on the Hay House live event that took place on November 13, 2013, in Anaheim, California, and the transcript of that event has been edited slightly in these pages in order to enhance readability. Since there aren’t always physical English words to perfectly express the Non-Physical thoughts that Esther receives, she sometimes forms new combinations of words and uses standard words in new ways—for example, capitalizing them when normally they wouldn’t be—in order to express new waysof looking at old ways of looking at life. For ease of reading, the questions and comments from Dr. Wayne W. Dyer will be boldface, while the comments from Abraham will be regular typeface. 

Early-Morning Momentum

 I wake up every morning at around three o’clock. Many years ago there was a great poet named Rumi, who said, “The morning breeze has secrets to tell you. Do not go back to sleep. Do not go back to sleep. Do not go back to sleep.” I’ve written many of the books that I have written when I’ve been awakened like that. What is it? What is it that awakens me? It’s like I can almost tell you the exact time. In a film I did years ago, called The Shift, they show a clock and it is 3:13 a.m., almost to the second, every single time. Is that the angels? Is that Divine Source? Is that someone saying, “This is your purpose; this is the time when there are no distractions”? 

The thing we most want to say isthat Source is available to you at all times. But what is important about your story is that for some reason that is the time that you decide to listen.

But there’s nobody else around to distract me.

And that’s the important conversation to have. So what is itabout that time? What is it that’s happening that makes you more resonant, more receptive? It is that the momentum of your thought has stopped while you are sleeping so there is no  contradictory vibration going on within you. So now you are more likely to hear.

Esther has been saying to herself when she awakens in those early-morning hours, “Am I awake? Because if I am awake, I am going to get up.” In other words, she can more easily pick up on the thoughts we are offering because of the absence of resistance at that time. That’s what you’re talking about.

Yes. But I find for me, the most creative moments are during that middle of the nighttime.

Well, think about why that is. When you think athought for as little as 17 seconds, Law of Attraction will bring another thought like it to it. So momentum ensues.

What do you mean? Law of Attraction will bring another thought like it to it? What is Law of Attraction?

Let’s say that you wake up in the morning, and rather than finding that clear space that is potentially there for you, instead you begin thinking about the trouble that you had yesterday at work. You remember the dilemma you were in the middle of. You think about the discomfort. You think about the discord. And as you focus for aslittle as 17 seconds upon that, more thoughts like those come into your mind.

If you continue to think those thoughts for another 17 seconds, there will be more momentum still. Another 17 seconds, more momentum still, until you cross something as brief as the 68-second threshold. In just that short amount of time you have missed your window of resonance with Source.

That happened to Esther recently andso we said to her, “Well, you can always begin again tomorrow with more positive thoughts.” And Esther said, “I refuse to accept that I have to wait all the way until tomorrow to get back on my high-flying disc. I know I can do it by focusing.”

And we agree that with some deliberate focus Esther could return to a stream of more-positive thoughts, but it is much easier to do it before negative momentum begins than after negative momentum has begun. So we like to talk about Law of Attraction because it is the vibrational engine that manages everything. And we can’t talk about Law of Attraction without talking about momentum, because there is a momentum in thought. And if you think a thought long enough, it becomes a strong habit of thought. That is what a belief is. A belief is just a thought you continue to think.

Sometimes you continue to perpetuate beliefs that do not serve you, but when you first awaken, those beliefs are inactive enough that you could find a fresh one. A fresh one that comes from Source that is about who-you-really-are and what you really know.   

Is the reverse of that if you awaken and you have a very positive thought, such as, I’m going to heal myself of this . . . ?

Well, that is a wonderful thing, once you get that momentum going.

But would the 17-second rule apply to that as well?

The 17-second rule applies to everything. It is very helpful for you to acknowledge that Law of Attraction—whether you are aware of it or not—is responding to the vibration that you are offering right now, and therefore momentum is occurring. So, if we were standing in your physical shoes and the thought felt good, we would focus on it. We would think more about it. We would talk about it. We would write it down. We would discuss it with others. We would deliberately encourage that momentum. But if it is an uneasy thought that feels uncomfortable, then we would do our best to generalize it. The more specific you are in a thought, the faster the momentum. The more general you are in a thought, the slower the momentum.

Esther remembers being in San Francisco and driving to the top of one of those hills. She couldn’t believe that people were actually driving up and down them. So imagine perching your car at the top of one of those hills and  taking it out of gear and taking the parking brake off. And now, just for fun to see what will happen, you nudge your car a little bit from behind. Well, you know what will happen. With only a slight nudge your car will careen down the hill.

But if you step out in front of it right away and let it bump up against you, you can easily stop that unwanted momentum. You would not want to be at the base of that hill trying to stop the momentum. And so your thoughts are the same way. Every thought is vibration, and Law of Attraction is responding to every thought, and therefore the thought is going to increase. The only question is: Is this thought one that you want to increase? Because it is going to increase. Law of Attraction insists that it will.

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