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Beginnings & Endings: Time For A New Vision

by Mark Dodich

The constantly changing weather patterns of the spring season is a good analogy for the March and April astrological forecast. That isn’t a bad thing. You just need combine flexibility with the ability to make quick changes. 

The March 5th full moon through the 16th is the only rough patch to maneuver. Aggressive Mars is pushing explosive Uranus and burn-your-bridges Pluto early in March, so you need to get your body moving. If you are willing to exert a reasonable amount of energy towards your ambitions, you receive help in getting new projects off the ground. But it is a little complicated this spring.

March 20th brings a total solar eclipse at the very end of Pisces. A solar eclipse takes you to the depths of your being to bring forth projects that your soul, not ego, wants to accomplish next. The complicated part is that the last degree of Pisces represents endings, yet solar eclipses represent new beginnings. 

At the same time, this Pisces eclipse brings in a new energy that hasn’t been around since 2007. And, it provides early prophetic insight to those who are paying attention to increasing Pisces and Virgo energy coming later this year. You are now getting a peek into your not too distant future, so listen to your intuition now. A hint: you are going to bring your higher vision into practical application. More on that in future forecasts.

In short, spring pushes you to release old ways of thinking and open to a new, and temporarily illusive, vision. It is a bit like the Universe tarot card showing the infinite figure eight symbol of beginnings and endings. Make time for a short vision quest this spring.

Another beginnings and endings paradigm has to do with relationships. Think back to your life October 2014 when there was a lunar eclipse in Aries and Libra. Lunar eclipses bring hidden emotions to the surface. 

On April 4th, the lunar eclipse swaps places to Libra and Aries, exactly opposite from last October. It is like viewing two sides of the same coin during this six month period. 

The message is to help you rebalance your relationship and individuality needs. If you have been giving too much of yourself away in relationships, then you must claim your turn. That isn’t selfish; instead, it’s practical self-interest. The opposite is also true. If you have been hiding away like a monk, it is time to come out of your cloistered chamber. 

Spiritual destiny points called the nodes of the moon are now entering the home stretch of a journey that started in February 2014. Between now and November, you are completing the realignment of your sharing and self needs. It is not just your love life, but also family, social, work and relationships that include honoring self. 

On a spiritual level, you must communicate right actions in relationships without being judgmental or controlling. The purpose is to revolutionize value systems so you can live in a higher balance. The result is creating a higher quality in your relationships. Of course, relationships that cannot go to the higher vibrations either need to end or get a dose of stronger boundaries. 

Also of importance in this rebalancing are the relationship planets Venus and Mars. Sensual Venus enters Taurus on St. Patty’s Day March 17 until April 11th. Ambtious Mars travels through earthy Taurus March 31 until May 11th. Taurus wants to fulfill its needs and desires in a tangible way. 

A crass interpretation is “go make money.” A higher way of explaining this energy is to take constructive action to manifest your needs and desires in the material world. Or you could take a global view of this energy by looking at Earth Day.

On April 22nd, action-oriented Mars aligns with communications planet Mercury in earthy Taurus. Both make a harmonious relationship to transforming Pluto in restructuring Capricorn. By opening to pragmatic ideas and taking action on them, you can transform your world. 
But you must be willing to do it in a series of short, quick steps, rather than wanting to transform all at once. And if you want to get way off into woo-woo land, perhaps the Lyrids meteor shower that night will bring inspired messages from the outer cosmos!

All in all, the energies for this forecast will keep you shifting and on the move. Be willing to adjust without losing your center. A new vision is just barely coming into view, so allow it to organically rise up within your consciousness rather than trying to force it. Happy Spring!

Mark Dodich has been a professional astrologer and intuitive consultant since 1980. Mark’s specialties include Natal Astrology, AstroCartoGraphy® Relocation Maps and Seven Ray Spiritual Purpose Astrology. He is leading a metaphysical African safari in 2016. Receive his free ASTROMARK newsletter and download a free Basic Astrology Primer at www.astromark.us , or call 503-252-1558 

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