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Engaging in the Shift

by Bonnie Waters

Many of us have been actively engaged in the Great Shift in Consciousness, Awakening, Ascension, Enlightenment (choose whichever word works for you), for about 15 years now – some for much longer, some are just beginning to awaken – but the year 2000 brought what some call the First Wave of awakening. 
It has, at times, been a wild ride! When change comes sweeping through our lives, we are often destabilized. It can bring challenges. For some it feels very much like having the rug pulled out from under you. It can bring a huge amount of letting go. 

Even now, at times, I find myself reluctant to fully embrace the change that is required in this process. I may be open at one moment, and then, realizing what is being required of me, resistant in the next moment. I have found that, in resistance mode, the pressure builds until something gives (it has to give eventually). Better to be proactive about the changes that come with awakening. It’s best to let go when the options are closing down, and move into the flow, whatever that might be. You can feel when doors are closing, and you must move forward towards the doors that are now opening for you. These are, in fact, portals into the New Earth. You are leaving the old ways behind. It can mean a very real experience of endings. But it is, at the same, a new beginning.
Some may not understand what you are going through. When you choose something that feels right to you – it may look quite unreasonable to another. Many, even many awakening ones, believe that life is about hard work, about striving, about struggle and sacrifice. And yet, this belief creates untold – and unnecessary – suffering in our societies on earth – believing that it all has to be hard. Maybe it can be easy! 

If we continue to try to do what we’ve always done, then we continue to create what we have always created – in other words, there is no Shift! If we continue to believe that struggle is necessary – it will be. Every time that we release our hold on what has been, we are making room for what is trying to come in, and what is trying to come in is nothing less than Heaven on Earth! 

We are the Shift. More than anything, this means shifting our beliefs, which we are coming to accept is the very thing that drives the creation of our reality. 

In the Age of Pisces, we have been more in survival mode than anything else. The Age of Aquarius has arrived, and now it is time to thrive! There are limitless potentials in every moment. For many of those potentials, we would have to raise our vibration significantly in order to see them materialize (or even to just see them). We would have to accept that those potentials are on their way to us, and not block them with any fears or worries – simply be in gratitude, knowing that they are percolating down into material form in our lives. That is a new way of being for most of humankind, particularly in the industrialized, commercialized, monopolized societies of Western civilization. We also must be open to having things come to us in new ways – perhaps even miraculous ways.

What is heaven on earth? More specifically, what is your heaven on earth? What does it look like? How do you live it? Do you believe that you can create it easily? Can you believe that there is no lack, no competition? Can you believe that there is abundance for all? What if life is meant to be filled with Grace and Ease? How else would you define “Heaven on Earth”? We are bringing the energies of “home” to earth. We are returning to “the Garden.” 

We have spent years releasing old, stuck beliefs, healing our woundedness, peeling away the layers of protection and armoring, returning to our natural state of innocence and wonder. We have been remembering our God-given natural abilities as creative beings. This is what is meant in the statement that we are “created in God’s image” – we have been given the gift of the ability to create our own reality. We are becoming like children once again – joyful and living in the moment – and play is the order of the day. (“Play is the angel’s way.”)

We are in the process of integrating more and more light into our physical forms, bringing spirit more fully into our bodies, making our souls more deeply present in our daily lives. Some describe this as becoming Divine Humans, or Human Angels. So how do Human Angels live on earth?

What makes your heart sing? That is the direction to be heading in now. And if you’re not sure what that means, then it’s time to pay attention and spend time uncovering what that means for you. Shifting into the awareness of Heaven on Earth means shifting into a new way of being – that is, knowing that all is well, that you are always cared for, and that it can all be easy. And then, trusting that it is already aligning, begin following your greatest dreams! And so it is.

Bonnie Waters is the Lay-Pastor of the Vision of Light Spiritualist Church, in Hartland, Vermont. She has been writing in many formats about the Great Shift in Consciousness for several years. She is a mentor for the Awakening Process and a songwriter, focusing on new consciousness material. Her contact information is: phone number - 802-299-5083 and email:  bonnie_songgarden@hotmail.com

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