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Psychic Insights, Personal Guidance and Horoscopes for March 2015

by Elissa Heyman

Worldwide, March is full of surprises.  Maybe we’ll see some new species!  It can be a lot of fun, as positive energy cracks us open, breaking hard shells everywhere. People get tired of the dark and dark moods. 

New beginnings are marvelous, surreal in their beauty if you let them be, but likely to be surrounded by a lot of death. Necessary death…changes now require energy and your commitment, and if “…This needs to go!” blurts out from your inner mind as you confront some old relationship or circumstance, listen!  

Off the beaten path The spirits of March led me to a grave, covered with a stones and pebbles worked into a beautiful design. They said, “Bury your dead, do a ceremony, make it thoughtful and bring closure with a blessing and a fare thee well. Grace is given to those who surrender to fate made clear, and move on from its truth.” 
If people insist on going further in a direction they know no longer works and is wrong for them, things get very tangled. Planetary energies in March can steam-roller people who won’t listen. 

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, the Fire Signs:  You’re in a new world but pretty grounded, taking care of business and being responsible to your aspirations, dreams and goals. You’re moving in new territory…that’s the main feel of the month. Be careful of overdoing it in any way, even though you’ve taken on a lot. Less is more at this point…you may discover you’ve taken on a lot more than you bargained for, so start slow. Even though you’re really excited about the possibilities!

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, the Water signs: Okay, life’s beginning to make sense! There are big breakthroughs in understanding,  and/or your ability to acquire things, that allow you to move forward with new plans. You get a much clearer picture now of what you want and how things can work out. You are going to figure something out in regards to securing your future, and it looks very promising, productive, and potentially money-making. 

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, the Air Signs:  You will see a big, big change in your life!  You can handle it.  You might be knowing in your bones and feeling all the way through to your soul, the profound letting-go of a circumstance.  very aware of the passing of something…and not sure yet, but feeling much cleaner and ready for what’s new, even though you’re not sure what that is. 

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, the Earth Signs: You have all major arcana in a tarot cast for what you can expect this month. If this were a story, it would be a story about somebody who carefully and long-considered something, and they decided to go out and try it. They could learn from their experience,  modify what they’d been thinking about,  and they grew in strength. They ended up in a new role and official position!  So, you’re going to have to take some risks this month, and although this story is hypothetically true, you have to put elbow grease into your efforts…pedal to the metal and all that, as you focus on your changing and better reality. All is well.”

New offering! Beginning in March, every Monday: Listen to your weekly horoscope podcast on Elissa’s page, “Santa Fe Star Seer”, on the SantaFe.com website.  Elissa Heyman is a professional psychic counselor and healer with a practice based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Her website's free offerings include essays, guided meditations, and a monthly newsletter with predictions and horoscopes. Elissa  also offers 2 hour, day-long, and 3 day workshops. Appointment information at www.elissaheyman.com 505-982-3294 for in person and telephone private sessions.
Elissa Heyman

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