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Spring 2015 Psychic Horoscopes

by Elissa Heyman

Aries: It is a rocky (and not that understandable!) path to the next mysterious, but very strong new place you arrive, which will feel like a new beginning and a new venture. What you’re going towards, you may not suspect until July. Meanwhile, know that the true landing place you reach will make it all worthwhile. 

Taurus: This isn’t the easiest season you’ve ever had, but it’s a sacrifice you have to make for the choices that do lead to more emotional fulfillment, and that do take awhile to bring about. And so you have to bear discomfort!  If you’re sure that your goal is still what you want, (because you get glimpses of it!), it’s worth bearing.

Gemini: It takes awhile to get your stride…what it is that really is worth working on, or what it is your shaping, comes about in the process of pleasing yourself, and getting things in an order you can really work with. This can take you until May to get a handle on. Meanwhile, endure the process and know your reliable intelligence is in high gear. 

Cancer:  Something already begun and in motion will bear fruit, yet somehow things end up in a different direction than first you were going – another choice is made – yet what is chosen is still a step ahead or further on your journey. Do not worry about how you will navigate any turn in the road as you’ll understand which direction leads to your most important priorities. 

Leo:  Looking good, Leo! You’re finding ways that work in the world and work for you, and allow a greater self-expression. Your range of talents expands, and it’s a very fruitful Spring for you. Keep out of trouble, by that meaning don’t fritter your energy away on socializing too much and all the scenes and dramas that may be going on around you. Get involved with your new ideas! 

Virgo: Something very wonderful is offered you, and this brings together a lot of wishes, challenges, and heart openings.  Your guardian spirits are so happy with your choices and direction and where you can end up. A blessed Spring is about to unfold!

Libra: Being on your own in some way creates an issue. However, you will get the needed information about whatever it is that isn’t working, or that you can’t manage by yourself. If another choice has to be made: you will know. You can set things going in the right direction, yet it does look like there has to be some conflict revealed that first you turn into an actionable realization, and then you get help. 

Scorpio: You want things to be different, and you may want to change location, and you need help to do it. What is needed is for your ideas to mature and develop through discussion. Then you can be successful in trying to make a major change this Spring.

Sagittarius: There’s a lot of action up ahead, a lot of exchange with people and being exposed to new ways of doing things and new locations. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense or you don’t see where it’s going …your goal is to get the exposure and the new energy that you naturally attract, as it’s what you need to feed your next creations. 

Capricorn:  This Spring you’re exposed to so many new possibilities and different worlds! You learn how other people operate and what’s going on in a lot different places.  It’s a time of consideration, but not choice. You’re working towards the role you really want to be in! You’re getting information about it, and not yet at the point of seeing the whole picture. But it sure looks expansive, and ultimately fulfilling.

Aquarius: This Spring you experience change as the positive and necessary development that it is, due to what you’re seeking that is new and different. There are endings for the sake of what’s new with you, too. Whether it’s on to new ventures or new places, you feel like you are getting somewhere. You’re short on details as to the destination, but it’s the journey that counts this Spring.

Pisces:  You have new dreams, new ways of enriching yourself, and being more true to your essence.  It’s not the time to wonder what happened to the old you and question things. Understand you’re going in a new direction, a wonderful and much more substantial one; let any fears about it come and go. A very deep decision at a core level is motivating you.
Elissa Heyman

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Business Opportunity
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