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SHE is Legendary for Ending Addictions Through a Miraculous Encounter

by Veronica Ramos

The Self(s) Healing Experience SHE is a sacred encounter that promises instant enlightenment and primes one to attain and sustain inner peace. But for over the past three decades, SHE has also become legendary for manifesting a side-effect, or by-product, that occurs consistently, known as a ‘predictable miracle’ whereby addictions and many out of control problems simply cease, having outlived their purpose. Chances are you or someone you are connected to is engaged in a battle with addiction or is experiencing another obstruction that blocks inner peace. In fact, with or without knowing it, you’ve probably been magnetized to this article in order to resolve an issue for yourself or someone you know that is suffering.  

Out of control problems present in many different ways, from habitual or binge drinking, smoking nicotine or marijuana, to eating disorders of all kinds. Since 1987, people from all walks of life and most corners of the globe, who have struggled with obstacles which have prevented them from attaining the sanctity of inner peace, have effortlessly outgrown these impediments through what SHE offers.  

SHE is often misconstrued as addiction therapy or treatment; which SHE is not. Losing one’s addiction is only a by-product or ‘Predictable Miracle’ that SHE is renowned for manifesting along with inner peace. Thus, one does not need to have an addiction or an out of control problem to receive multitudinal benefits from all SHE offers. Through an infinite intelligence that is unmuted, which emanates through you and comes back to you, you become instantly enlightened. You become your own infinite, non- physical expert and specialist that relates back to all that is physically occurring, in any way your system knows you’re primed to profit by. You hear what repairs and/or comprehend how to transcend any blockage that prohibits or obstructs inner peace. Whatever you are “ripe” to conceive you will receive through this truly miraculous, life transforming encounter. 

“Rhonda’s hands-on healing work is remarkable in its ability to eliminate alcoholism. She also acts as a human equivalent of an MRI, CAT scan or diagnostic lab.” - Hyla Cass, MD, psychiatrist and best-selling author.  

SHE is an ambiguous acronym representing the The Self(s) Healing Experience and Rhonda Lenair, its founder, as ONE become.  Rhonda Lenair is known as a prophet, luminary, and medical intuitive who has been compared to the ‘Sleeping Prophet’ Edgar Cayce, and is known as the legendary healer of addictions by tens of thousands, worldwide. SHE is not a binge drinking, eating disorder, quit smoking, alcohol rehab, alternative addiction program or 12 step program. SHE is a non-medical experience which offers the most effective and successful way to attain instant enlightenment and the sanctity of inner peace. Through SHE, one is primed to lose life-long cravings, desires, the need to self-sabotage, and many other stressful thought patterns. A multitude of problems are renowned for disappearing without withdrawals, pain, meetings, counseling or treatment. Even though that is not the objective of the experience, it is consistently reported to occur. Stress, anxiety, fear and worry lose their purpose and grip.   

 “It was just like turning off a light. It’s completely painless—hard to describe. All I know is that her treatment works.” - Gregg Rose   

Rhonda Lenair opened the doors of her first office in 1987 where she saw thousands of people who were in awe that their addictions disappeared so quickly and effortlessly. Rhonda soon became known as the ‘healer of addictions’. As the work evolved in depth and magnitude, addiction cessation became only one small part of what occurred, and as time elapsed what Rhonda offered evolved into being known today as the Self(s) Healing Experience, whereby losing addictions is no longer the objective, but simply happens.

“It certainly amazes me. All I can say is your need for a cigarette hits the wall and dies.” - Sandy Shea, past editor of the Boston Phoenix in a Boston Globe interview. 

Read, watch and listen to the scores of people at the The Lenair Self(s) Healing Center website (http://www.lenair.com/miraculous-self-healing/) who generously share their stories, and now live in peace and freedom.  You will quickly come to understand during the experience that the objective is to be centered in the sanctity of inner peace, transcending all that is prohibiting or blocking that inner peace. 

“She took all the cravings and desire away…She was the magic bullet”, Dr. Michael Posner

SHE is offered privately in-person, which is renowned for the ‘predictable miracle’ occurring, and also via phone. I encourage you to visit www.lenair.com/welcome to learn more, and then call with any additional questions or to schedule your own miraculous and life altering experience.

 The Lenair Self(s) Healing Center. For more information call 1-888-412-8392 (toll-free) or 1-802-558-9200, email:barry@lenair.com, or visit www.lenair.com 

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