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Excerpt from "A Journey to Oneness"

The Dance of the Divine Lover

by Rasha

In A Journey to Oneness—the long-awaited sequel to the underground spiritual classic, Oneness—Divine Messenger, Rasha, takes us along on a seven-year odyssey through the labyrinths of consciousness, as she shares the incredible story of her own spiritual journey. With the profound wisdom of Oneness (the Divine Presence often referred to as “God”) to light the way, A Journey to Oneness takes us for an authentic ride on the roller-coaster of spiritual transformation, and gives us the tools to radically change our lives—and transform our world.

This vivid, literary tapestry chronicles a mind's probing questions about what is actually happening as it slowly unravels and shifts into a higher octave of perception—documents the astounding answers as they emerge from within—and weaves it all seamlessly with the poetry and rapture of Divine Union. As Oneness helps Rasha circumnavigate the potholes along the road to “freedom,” the reader is given a vibrant new vision of the nature of humanness, and in-depth guide to discovering the Divinity within. 

Here’s a selection from A Journey to Oneness that captures an exquisite sense of the rapture that awaits us on the spiritual journey. In these passionate words of Divine wisdom, Oneness guides us toward discovering who we really Are!

“Amidst a whirlwind of preparations for returning to India for the winter, I transcribed this beautiful passage from Oneness. The words of Oneness so often seemed prophetic to me. They had a way of setting the stage for the deep inner shifts that invariably would follow, as I allowed my heart to lead me ever deeper into the great unknown. Oneness captured the absolute wonderment of that ongoing sense of surrender, and its inherent gift of self-discovery, with this most poetic passage. It was selected and adapted as a meditation entitled “The Dance of the Divine Lover” for the CD, The Meditations of Oneness: A Journey to the Heart of the Divine Lover, which was released in November, 2009.                                                      

The sacred state of Divine Union and why we are here in physical form

Oneness speaks:

This is Oneness. This is the Presence that permeates your consciousness in this moment. This is the blissful union of which you are a part. This is the destiny toward which you journey. And this is the destination at which you have already arrived. This is the sacred contract that has been fulfilled, in perpetuity, with every nuance of your unfoldment. This is the promise that continues to be revealed within you, with every waking breath.      

This experience of the embracing of your own Divinity is not an act defined in a moment and thereafter relegated to something that has already happened. It is an experience that grows and deepens—an experience that continues to unfold. And not unlike the experience of lovemaking, presents a newness with each embrace. 

Every time we experience this union—this Oneness—we are deepening a bond that will only continue to grow eternally. Every touch of this Presence is like a caress. Every breath, bonded in the embrace of Presence, is Divine Love, revealing itself, and reveling in its own unbridled aliveness. There is no other within the context of this consummate embrace. It is Self, glorying in its’ own unfoldment, discovering the delights of its own Essence, mirroring its’ own sweetness through the perceptions of form.     

We share in the experience of form. And we share in the experience of formlessness. For, in the exchange, you have revealed the true nature of your own Sacred Self, and the miracle of a birthing into awareness is experienced, through the vehicle of form, throughout the full multidimensionality of form and formlessness that is who you truly Are. This foray into the experience of Oneness, is not simply a one-on-one exchange. It is an exponential encounter, rippling out like a raindrop, into liquid stillness, touching every aspect of that Divine Presence with the sheer joy of it.      

Your bliss, in this moment, is not your own. For, to perceive it as an experience that is yours would be to contain it and imprison it—to withhold the raindrop from the ocean of perception that waits, yearning in anticipation, to receive it. This bliss is not at all your experience. For, in the union that brings this joy into manifestation, is the relinquishing of the boundaries that would define that limited sense of self.     

 In the receiving of it is the simultaneous relinquishing of the separation that would allow for the possibility that this experience—or any experience—would be one’s own. The sense of you-ness merges into a totality of perception. And the sense of who and what you Are takes on the coloration of an infinitely broader spectrum of possibility.     

The one who is perceiving this moment of delight is not at all limited to the linear you who began this lifetime believing in the illusion of that very separation and spent decade after decade creating a history of supporting evidence to bolster that presumption. Now, you begin to be able to sense the monumental piece of fiction that has been created in the name of that minute shred of identity. You are so much more than that.      

In this experience of Divine Nowness, where an unfathomable scope of awareness hints at its’ own Isness, you, as the vehicle of linear perception, are able to translate the touch of the Supreme Lover into the language of linear experience—and through breaths of joy, give it definition. This is Who you Are, the microcosm and the macrocosm of your own exponential Isness, peering through the pinhole of your own minute vantage point, and gasping in wonder at implications that are magnificently incomprehensible—and at the same time, unquestionable.     

Only though the shieldedness of that vision is the sublime sense of wonderment possible. For, in the fullness of that infinite awareness, all of it simply Is. So, by all means, perceive this moment with which you have been gifted. Feel the fullness of these delights. And know that it is through the blessed perception of the sheer joy of your own Self-discovery, that you give the gift of that Love in return.      

With each set of eyes that is opened, with each blissful new awakening, the dance of the Divine Lover takes another step toward Ultimate Union. And with every glimpse into the secret inner sanctums of sacredness and delight, you add yet another caress to the experience of Divine Love that is here, for all the world to share.     

This newborn moment is the gift. This miracle of Self-recognition is what we have come to this experience of incarnate reality to share: Oneness, in bonded union with our own sacred essence, with full, conscious awareness of it. That is why you are here. That is why you have come into form. That is why you are secretly so intrigued with the possibility of the world of the formless. This is what keeps you searching for clues to the meaning of your existence, rather than simply allowing the bars of your outer prison to define your world.

The seeds of Self-discovery, planted so deeply within you, have begun to seek the Light. And, slowly, from the depths of self-imposed captivity, the seed of Divine Life is moving toward the experience of daybreak.”  

From the book, A Journey to Oneness, by Rasha.  Copyright 2013

For more information visit: www.onenesswebsite.com

Author of the spiritual classic, Oneness, Rasha has worked as Divine Messenger for over 25 years. In 1998, she began a profound dialogue with the universal Presence, “Oneness”—the Divinity we all share and many refer to as “God.” Word for word, she transcribed the principles that give us a new level of understanding of the mystery we call “life”— and empower us to transform our lives and our world. Her teachings are universal and focus on the personal experience of the Divinity within each of us. An incurable world traveler, Rasha now lives at the foot of the mystical mountain, Arunachala, in South India. 

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