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Venus Retrograde: July 26 - Sept. 6: Re-Visioning Your Love and Money

by Mark Dodich

Your life is changing this summer. The planet Venus is turning retrograde July 25 through September 6, and she rules over your relationships and finances. This reverse cycle actually affects much more than your love and money, but those two words always grab a person’s attention in a title.

It seems like you are always hearing astrologers talk about the more common Mercury retrograde, the communications breakdown cycle that disrupts your life three times each year. You don’t hear about Venus turning retrograde, because the goddess of beauty appears to move backwards less than any other planet, only about every 18-20 months. When a planet that doesn’t turn retrograde very often goes into her backwards cycle, you had better pay attention. 

Prior to mid-August, she is in her graceful and visibly beautiful evening star position. Numerous ancient cultures, including the Mayans, believed that you should review and plan your options when she was in her more peaceful mode. After mid-August, she becomes a morning star and takes on a more aggressive tone. That is the call to action based upon what you decided when she could still be seen after sunset.

At the core, Venus represents your values. She is what you desire. This summer, Venus spends most of her time retrograde in heart-centered Leo. You are reviewing the people and activities in your life where your heart is engaged versus just going through the motions. If your heart is not present in your relationships, and that includes relationships beyond your love life, then you will soon take steps to improve them or release them.

The same is true for where you are spending your money. Venus is associated with your possessions. Do you prefer to purchase a nice vacation or something tangible for your home or office? Venus loves beauty, so perhaps it is time to make something more beautiful. Is it time for a new wardrobe for fall, or to esthetically make your home more beautiful?  Maybe you just need to surround yourself in luxurious beauty on a Hawaiian beach?

Venus also operates on the spiritual level through an esoteric astrology vibration called the Fifth Ray. This comes through the ascended master work where you bring metaphysics into the physical to work in the mundane world. It is associated with Master Hilarion and Archangel Raphael, both well known for healing. The purpose here is to create healing so that you can live in a higher set of values, and thus, greater beauty. 

Regardless of the level you choose to operate on, your values are changing this summer. Because Venus starts her retrograde cycle in Virgo, and also because expansive Jupiter will spend the next year in purifying Virgo, the overall goal is to simplify your life. The goal ahead is to reduce those activities and interactions that just clutter your life and make it more complicated. 

Know that you will be successful. Venus begins the cycle aligned with the star Regulus at the beginning of goddess Virgo. The ancients believed that endeavors aligned with this Royal Star of Ancient Persia was destined to be successful, as long as no actions of revenge were present. 

So take heart, and know that your life is about to become more simple and focused on heart-centered activities and relationships. Although releasing that which is no longer of value in your life is not always easy, you will feel so much better after you take actions to increase the grace and beauty in your life. 

Mark Dodich has been an astrologer since 1980, with specialties in Relocation Astrology and Seven Rays Esoteric Astrology. He is leading a metaphysical group on an African Safari in 2016. Receive his free Astromark newsletter at  www.astromark.us (503) 252-1558

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