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Rising Tide

by Alison David Bird

As we stand here on the precipice – and be assured that is where we are; a point of no return, a pivotal moment that will define the future for you all – we ask you to make your choice.

You are currently, during your sleep time in the higher realms, re-negotiating you soul contracts.  Your choices have never been more important, have never held more significance than they do right now. 

All is not well.

And those Lightworkers who report that the Ascension is moving forward with assured success or as the light overcomes the dark, are not accessing the same point in the time space continuum as YOU are, if you are currently reading this message and feeling the frequency of this article as you read. 

There are many points at which you as channels, mediums and healers can access in the Galactic Akasha that when translated into linear time would be a moment in your past or future. In the simultaneous Now of your time matrix the picture is very different from the one being drawn by your three dimensional channels, who are still resourcing information from obsolete sources, books, teachings that are 10, 15, 30, 90 years old. 

The battle for Ascension is on-going. Many on your planet do not want it and they are impacting the collective consciousness. It is still true to say that Love and Light is all you need, but few of you are managing to hold through your expressions of Love, a high enough Light vibration to sustain a shift into Fifth Dimension and higher. You think you are, some of you think you are already there…

When will you wake up and realize you must take action? We are not asking you to save the world. Just yourself. Then you will, through your resonance, your light, your newly aligned multi-dimensional template -  impact the unified field of consciousness – and save many. 

Is it so difficult to grasp? Is the programming of fear so complete that you cannot break the chains that hold you?
Can you hear me? Because I speak to you! I am calling you! Find a way. Money is not an obstacle, your ego mind is.  You speak to me of love, open up your hearts to it, demonstrate your love with faith that you will be fully supported, reach up and take the opportunity you are being handed.  

We know only too well how it goes. You think the boat will right itself soon, you are denying your own truth. Look down and see the water as it seeps up through the dimensional fabric. How long until it is around your ankles.
Are we speaking your language now? Do we need to create a ‘fight flight’ response in you before you act in your own good? Is the human condition so entrenched that you cannot tell truth from lies?

Free your minds, free your spirit. Do it now, we are waiting for you.

For more information on Marconic Recalibration, visit the website at www.MarconicRecalibration.com or call 617-366-6042 

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Business Opportunity
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