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Prosperity Consciousness with Jupiter in Virgo

by Mark Dodich

Abundant Jupiter recently entered earthy Virgo for the next year. This energetic shift helps you bring your higher vision and dreams into practical reality if you are willing to pay the price. 

The price is your willingness to expand your belief system beyond self-limiting boundaries, and then take a risk on yourself as if you actually believed that your dreams will come true. In the famous books “Life and Teaching of the Master of the Far East” by Baird Spalding, the masters teach that everyone has access to what they call the Unlimited Mind Substance. It is the place where all things desired can be brought down into form. 

Because Jupiter is associated with large, wild animals and travel to foreign places, I am doing the Virgo work of organizing a spiritual growth-oriented safari to. As people hear about the journey, I quickly see their limiting beliefs rise to the surface. It comes through belief that they cannot afford to give themselves an adventure. Or they say that terrorists will get them, when the biggest danger in the Serengeti is being eaten by a lion (and recent trophy hunter events suggests lions have more to fear from humans than we do from them!). 

Sometimes you just have to take a risk on yourself to do what you fear. On a metaphysical tour to Egypt, one of the participants came out of our private time in the Great Pyramid and sat on the big blocks watching sunset over the Giza Plateau. She said that she had great fears of coming because she was on a fixed income, retired, and had no other means of support. Her comment was that the risk was totally worth it and the money spent was now insignificant– and that was just the first day of the trip!

Jupiter is the planet that helps you manifest your dreams. Because the god of blessings is associated with faith, you must be willing to take a risk on yourself to manifest your higher vision.  
You must tangibly set your intention by first taking an action, and then the universe helps you gather the needed resources. Research by the HeartMath Institue of California suggests that it is not enough to mentally stick up a bunch of Post-It notes on your refrigerator. You must work on your dreams from an open heart level because the heart is more effective in making changes than the mind. 

As an example, I am surrounding myself in Maasai tribal music, learning a few words of Swahili, reading Tanzanian news on the internet – all to help me pull in the vibration to create a successful safari. I even signed a contract with the tour manager to firmly set my intention. My heart and mind is totally engaged in manifesting what for me is a must-do bucket list item. I trust the universe to bring the right people and resources to help me manifest my dream. 

Whatever your dreams, understand that you come from the One Source of what Hermetic Philosophy calls All That Is. Because you originated at that One Source, you have complete and total access to it. You don’t need to do anything to deserve it. That Unlimited Mind Substance is just waiting to do your bidding. You simply need to suspend limiting beliefs, tap into that energy source, open your heart, and take an action based upon your intention. 

It works, even if you don’t believe it. I like to tell my fears to come along for the ride because I am going to my greatest good even as they shout negativities at me. And guess what? When fears realize you are serious, they drop off.

Jupiter in Virgo until September 2016 presents you with an opportunity to bring your dreams and highest philosophy into tangible reality. All you have to do is get out of your own way and allow it.

Mark Dodich has provided astrology and intuitive consultations since 1980. He leads trips to Egypt, Greece, and now Africa. Check out his current Astromark Astrology Newsletter at www.astromark.us/newsletter.pdf   (503) 252-1558

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