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A Kind of Devine Magic

by Eve Wilson

There we are in a healing session, me and a woman in her middle years.  She is having health issues and traditional medicine isn’t helping her, it seems to be doing the opposite sometimes.  I open up the connection between her Higher Self and God.  Inviting God to do the healing work, and ask the client’s Higher Self to show us what within her soul is blocking her from being whole.  Thus begins a kind of divine magic that is spiritual healing.

I am guided to an early age in her life where she is frightened and hurt.   I spend some time discussing the situation with my client, her Higher Self and God to understand the circumstances that surrounded that trauma.  When we are ready, I am guided to a place prior to the event to begin strengthening and preparing her soul, at that early age, to have a successful experience during that time of challenge.  Then we will be able to rework the experience retroactively in a totally new way!  

I invite the client’s Higher Self to welcome a power animal that will awaken the inner strength the child will need.  Bringing the power animal to the child we teach her to incorporate its gifts into her unconscious self.  The spirit of the animal is really a facet of God which carries the animal’s instinctual qualities.  This helps because it is in the instinctual self that people become damaged and blocked when young.  The power animal awakens new healthy instincts and teaches her young self to respond with strength and courage to the challenges to come.

I teach my client to go back to her child self and parent herself through the challenge, because she is someone who feels up to that task.  If she wasn’t I would do it for her, going back to that time and nurturing the changes needed.  My client introduces herself to her child self, letting her know what is coming for her and explains that she will be okay, that she will be with her every step of the way.  Then together we move forward in time through the circumstances; comforting, guiding and healing as we go.  When the issues around that experience have been successfully navigated, the inner child begins to mature; rapidly growing through childhood and into adolescence.  Within minutes, hours or days this formerly damaged and stuck aspect of soul feels able to integrate into the adult personality, bringing a new strength, relaxation and freedom to my client’s adult life.

I work with her Higher Self and God to integrate these reclaimed qualities across time, as though they had always been present, rather than missing for so long.  This allows a gentle experience for my client, but a very powerful change in their life.  There will be new responses to challenges that are more mature and successful, and an experience of confidence that was never there before.

Now that the block has been removed from the soul pattern and aura, I work with God and the client’s Higher Self to resolve the physical issue.  The releasing of the past trauma frees up the emotional and mental energies and unblocks the heart and immune system.  The aura begins to recharge and her body rapidly regains energy and aliveness.  This allows my client’s soul to own the places in her body which have been malfunctioning so they can come into harmony with their true purpose.  Healing energy is given and there is immediate improvement which includes a sense of lightness, peace, wellbeing and greater grounding.  Spiritual vision shows the body coming back to life and over time health can be fully restored.

In order to complete the healing process, I check with the client’s Higher Self and God to see if there are other issues connected with this health challenge that should be addressed now or later.  We look for genetic/hereditary influences, soul contracts and experiences in prior lifetimes among other potential issues to be resolved.

For this client, we have done enough for one day.  She feels stronger but tired, like she’s been exercising and now is ready to rest.  Her Higher Self suggests working again in a couple of months, after she has had time to integrate todays healing.

When she returns next time I will likely hear how she has been responding to life with greater power and confidence and her body is feeling better.  Many times a client recovers fully from issues and their doctor decides they had diagnosed it wrong.  Ah…. A successful bit of divine magic!

Whether for adults, families, children, pets or our Earth, each healing done spiritually helps others who are connected with them through their families and soul groups.  At the higher levels of spirit we are all One and all healings are for everyone!

Eve Wilson, Director of The Healer Development Program is a full time spiritual healer, teacher and author.  Visit her website www.spiritualhealers.com for appointments, classes and the Weekly Word for Healing & Ascension Blog.  Her book Riding the Wave of Change- Hope, Healing and Spiritual Growth for Our World is coming soon on Balboa Press.  

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