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Excerpt from "Life in Life"

by Dr. Laurie Ann Levin

From the preface:

Dr. Laurie Ann Levin’s brand new meditation journal, Life in Life, is all about your personal pursuit of happiness and ful?llment, and learning how to give yourself the gift of love and light. Often the phrase “love and light” is glossed over simply as an obligatory signature line or salutation, but I believe it is the adoption of love and light that supplies the consciousness with goodness itself, the very bed-rock of re?nement and healing, helping you overtake any trauma and anxiety in your life.

Your capacity to heal is commensurate with your ability to let in the light.

Stay open for the light, for your own Highest Self devoid of looping or repetitive negative behaviors; be supple and full of love, and all will fall into place with comfort, completion, and ease.

From chapter 35:

Each new day contains many dimensions and many lives in multiple time zones. You are about to observe many lives in many lives—life in life.

When one asks the existential dilemma of “what is mine to do?” one asks for all expressions and all times. Not to complicate matters, but we even have multiple expressions in each dimension; therefore, when others are speaking to you and you to them, there are many of you and many of them.

These are effortless efforts that come because we are all connected to the force of healing that exists for all in the all.

What if we only had the one stream of video that referenced our existence? What if we believed that this was all there is? Of course there would be stiff competition for all that there was as a ?nite amount to attain. Lo, we are not ?nite. We have so much more that we do not see, that which is unseen, yet does exist. There are so many levels, layers, and lessons that we will easily express it all in terms we can understand and grasp. Where, who, and how are we?

Long ago, time and place lost existential meaning. New nations arrived from worlds concordant with ours. We began to express in sophisticated organizational pods. We grouped in advancement. We survived in coordination and readjusted to the many who held up a sign for connection.

Recent marches for the betterment of humanity came on the heels of new regard for the many who lead lives that are aided, sup-ported, and advised by realms they cannot quite detect.

All that is alternate living requires an expression of non-linear and non-speci?c connections to those groups of consciousness that do not see, think, feel, and hear quite like we do.

Accomplishments are gauged and recused when there is open elicitation to garner and reap for the holder of the reference. Keep trying and trust; get in the ?ow and it will begin to emerge.

There are pockets of love so deep and ful?lling when time seems to stop and perceptions are richer. You can fall into those deep sovereign moments and believe that this is because there are strong feelings for those you are with. No, there are strong feelings, but there are the many who are a part of that council who make themselves known only through energetic reference. We are the ones who fall short in the interpretation. We fall short because we are limiting our reference ability as well as our ability to see. We cannot hear, think, or report as real unless we conspire to exclude this reasoning.

Let us open our hearts and “see” in a new way. Adjust the ones who are limited to feel themselves in a group even if they only see, feel, and hear one. Many are around all the time. Many are in service to your earth-?esh expression. Many are involved in the events of our planet.

You ask, “If that is so, how could we be in such dire straits?” Because sometimes, as with a slingshot, we have to pull the rubber band far backward to accomplish, aim, and hit. We have been pulled elastically back in limited perception, all in an effort to be opened wider, wider, wider. You ask, “Do we understand?” No, we are just beginning to make ourselves known.

Love is the all, but with a re?ned objective to give “all” a meaning of kindness, regard, and ease. Love is the wanted assistance that everyone is beginning to pray for. Most of this limited realm is ready to be opened.

You ask, “Why was this perception shut off in the ?rst place?”

Perception was not shut off. Perception was not utilized for the bene?t of mankind, the planet, and beyond. Once we fantasize in unison about another reality not including war, poverty, or pollution—that is, one of sustenance—we create it. Energies are creating and beginning to levitate. Openings are being revealed to the masses that require interpretations. Listen to our words and feel us in our/your hearts. We are one.

To complete this chapter and finish Laurie’s exercise called Perception Now Utilized, please buy the book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, !ndigo, or your local bookseller.

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Business Opportunity
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